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  1. Trying to get my wife pregnant on TRT

    I was 1.5 years in on TRT + HCG and my wife got pregnant after less than 1 month of trying. I thought it might take some time but it did t at all. Don’t come off T, just add HCG and enjoy the baby making process - thats by far the best part!
  2. 2021 NFL Draft & Season Chat Room

    Will Fuller is suspended the first 5 games for PED usage. He claims that his doctor prescribed him something that he didn’t realize was on the banned list - any ideas what he was ‘prescribed’?
  3. What’s the highest dosage Cialis you have taken on a daily basis?

    Raising the dose just seems to increase sides for me. I haven’t really found that it increases libido, but more erections does make you want to use the tool a little bit more.
  4. How to lower T?

    I went through this a few years ago, endo wanted a 2nd test and I didn’t want to come in just barely in range. I didn’t want to use any suppressive ped’s because I didn’t know what it would complicate on the test. After extensive internet researching here is what I did for a marginal drop in T...
  5. Trt at 23?

    That’s an interesting situation you have @newguy. I had low total and free T when I went on. I think that getting free T to the top of the range is what is giving me much of the mental benefits that you are seeking, so maybe TRT would not address your issues to the extent you think it might. I...
  6. Stocks

    Just picked up 10 more shares while it’s still under $40. FWIW, the title Vice President doesn’t mean what it used to, especially at any large NYC firm. VP implies that this is an executive that is #2 to the CEO, that is far from the case. The VP title is often given to people that have 5-7...
  7. Just finished first cycle (1/4 andro)

    Never heard it put that way, that’s good way of saying it.
  8. Just finished first cycle (1/4 andro)

    Never heard that before, that’s good stuff.
  9. Trt at 23?

    Where did you find this doctor? Is it a clinic or your primary care/ covered by insurance? When I asked to get my T levels checked at 35, my primary care doctor was such an @$$ hole about it, he labeled me as a drug seeker.
  10. Stocks

    I read the Tony Robbins Master your Money book about two years ago, it’s great at covering a lot of topics for beginners. I found it to be an unbiased discussion on the pros and cons of all the things you can do with your money to hopefully make more money. Investing in index funds and dollar...
  11. 1 & 4 Andro lethargy, libido etc.

    I’m 6.5 weeks into my Icon1 and UltraHard run, also on TRT. Appetite, libido and energy are impacted, but manageable. I’ve been really busy with work and kids, so finding time to get adequate sleep has also been a problem for me. The current heat wave isn’t helping either, I’m enjoying the run...
  12. Prohormones detection time, fail test?

    I’m in for the results. Seriously, you have to update us next week on how you make out with the test.
  13. A Day In The Life Of Rocket

    My brother in law just made one of these in the garage gym, haven’t used one in years. My sister thought it was a joke until she tried it, the look on her face as she got it half way to the ground was priceless [emoji33]
  14. Adding UG test with my TRT

    It’s fine as long as it is quality UGL test and you re not doing it anywhere near a blood test.
  15. M-Sten anyone??

    No, still on it and never want to stop. Just saying that I was 2 years in at that point in time.
  16. Winstrol + TRT Support

    Good info, I’ll check him out on IG.
  17. Becoming Invictus.

    Looking a little more diced for sure. What was crashing your cortisol like, constant lethargy?
  18. How long did it take for 1-DHEA (AKA 1-ANDRO) to kick in for you

    I’d agree with that, start noticing effects around the end of the second week.
  19. Winstrol + TRT Support

    I just started taking astragalus, and bought the Now brand - why do you not recommend them?
  20. Melanotan II dose for flatlined libido

    I’m really rooting for the MT2 to help you out and get you those boners you deserve...but don’t sleep Jinsun’s advice to take some time off. You’re in your early 20’s right? But you sound like you’ve run as much gear as the OG’s on here that are’ve got a lot of life left to live bro...