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  1. Seriously haven’t seen one company doing a Veterans Day sale?! Disappointing!

    Wtf is going on where are the Veterans Day sales?!
  2. Have any of you been to jail?

    I went to jail for the first time ever this month. It was honestly an eye opening experience and it has made me very grateful for the things that I have. The inmates were very nice. I was surprised at how bad of a rap the inmates get. There wasn’t racial segregation or anything like that. I...
  3. PES High Volume on rest days?

    Do any of you take a pre workout on rest days to assist in recovery or do you guys see absolutely no purpose in doing this?
  4. Anyone else on dating sites?

    I’m on okcupid currently and it’s a little frustrating because I’ve been getting likes. Every time I click on their profile I see a nice cute face. Even beautiful. Scroll through the photos and boom. A whale appears. I’m very fit obviously in my photos but for some reason I keep getting messages...
  5. Fat fear

    After successfully cutting how do you guys transition back to a bulk. I really don’t want to lose my ****ing abs. Seriously I like having them. Every time I start to gain a little weight back I subconsciously dial back my calories and boom I’m back at square one again. I don’t like how I look...
  6. Tanning and joint pain

    I thought this was a coincidence but it’s 100 percent not. When I go out in the sun for over 20 minutes 2 things happen. My libido skyrockets and I get joint pain. Any idea what on earth could be the reason for this? It makes no sense to me. I’ve also never heard of anyone having this problem
  7. Medfit RX MethylTrienolone nasal spray

    As the title reads it’s available at quite a few supplement shops here in the US and was very surprised this was being sold. Anyone have any thoughts on this? 6 sprays is equal to 750 MCG
  8. Weird gym situation Naples Florida

    Something happened today and I really don’t know what to think about it. It was a very busy and hectic day today. More busy than I’ve ever seen it. Guessing it’s because it’s Easter tomorrow. Well anyway, I get to the gym and these two girls walk in behind me. They were cringey looking but I...
  9. Dating app weirdness

    I’ve used dating apps before and have always had good luck with them. I’m very confused at the moment however. Back when I used to use them I was fat and got tons of messages. Now I’m very fit and look better than I ever have and...nothing. I get a message here and there but nothing compared to...
  10. Vector Pre order?

    Says you can pre order on the site but I can’t find where to do that. Any help would be appreciated
  11. Vedius?

    Simple question. Can I apply moisturizer over the vedius?
  12. Nervous before workouts?

    This has been something that has been going on for awhile now and I'm getting tired of it. Before a workout I seem to get some pretty heavy anticipatory anxiety. A lot of it actually revolves around the idea that when I get to the gym it will be swamped and I won't get to do what I had planned...
  13. Viron question

    I'm using viron and want to get more tongkat than just the 250 mg in one cap but really don't want to use 20 mg of boron it seems like too much. Is there any other tongkat product that I can use in conjunction with viron SAFELY? I hope this makes sense
  14. Maintenance calories between cycles

    Anyone else do this? I did my first actual a cycle a bit ago and have been eating roughly maintenance since going into PCT. I really see no reason to continue to lean bulk possibly gain fat when I can (with the right supplementation etc) do more of a recomp? Maybe I just get stronger and don't...
  15. Expired Divanex?

    Remember this product? I have no idea why you guys stopped making it but I have 3 bottles with a manufacturing date of 07/13. I have no idea how this translates into an expiration date I just want to know if they're still good to take. No other companies are making a 3 4...
  16. New Nutra Innovations products

    Was told my 11 KT and alpha drone would ship last Friday but my tracking still shows as pre shipment info.
  17. 48 hours between leg work and deadlifts?

    So I'm just curious because I have my leg day and then a rest day and then I work back. I start off my back workout with an attempt of 15 deadlift singles in 10 minutes. If I hit my goal I move up in weight next time I Deadlift. Is 48 hours enough time or should I take another day between? I...
  18. Absolutely abliderated still around?

    Honestly just searched the web. Can't find it anywhere. Are you guys still making this? I love this product so much
  19. Reduce XT question

    So I'm currently using transdermal formestane at 150 mg and added in 3 caps of Reduce XT beginning of week 3 of PCT. immediately started to get joint pain I wasn't experiencing before. Is the AI effect of reduce XT that pronounced? Do you think I should lower the dose of the Formestane or the...
  20. Where's the Super 11 product

    I've seen it the cats out of the bag so where is it?