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  1. Trt at 23?

    No cholesterol issues? and your not on an SSRI? How is your diet? You eating plenty of fat? Make sure you are eating fat and are taking vitamin D supplement.
  2. Is waxy maize good?

    I rather eat my carbs. Give me a donut, cookie, anything. Waxy maize is another supplement the industry created for sales.
  3. Does Enclomephine cause permanent or long term issues?

    Its only 6 weeks you will be fine. There are guys who take it indefinitely for hypogonadism Many long term studies show it to be safe but its not something i would take more than a few months
  4. What is the Best Ecdysterone or Turkesterone Supplement

    Plants can be powerful. Looks at mushrooms and other herbals that have a strong effect on the body and mind. Im not saying terkesterone works but I wouldnt be surprised for something to pop up one day that does.
  5. Testing Anavar for legitimacy and purity

    Id go with roid test. Its not going to give you amount just if it contains the actual anavar
  6. Hair thinning advice while on TRT

    How old are you?
  7. Finasteride

    20+ year user. 1mg daily. It definitely has sexual sides. They are manageable but you need to be aware.
  8. ANDROGIN new Black lion Research ANABOLIC is here.

    You guys keep buying these scams and they will keep being sold. Every year its something new.
  9. Bad headaches and nausea on LGD4033

    Playing with fire. Your taking some "research chemicals" that are god knows what. At least with bloodwork you'll know if its hurting you. Why is your wife taking LGD? Bikini competitor?
  10. Bad headaches and nausea on LGD4033

    Ive run LGD numerous times. Never had headaches. Have you gotten bloodwork on any of your past cycles on that brand?
  11. Ostarine gyno? AI or Tamox?

    Next time skip the ostarine and run the serm. Will probably make the same gains
  12. High iron count and high liver/kidney values

    You said you liver values were high but still in range? Post your AST and ALT
  13. 41 yr old recent experience with RAD140 - Update 1

    No issues sleeping while on Rad?
  14. Space out AI and SERM Dose?

    The half life of SERMS is extremely long. Ralox is 32 hours. Its not going to matter if you take it with Aromasin or space it out. The serum levels in your body are going to be pretty consistent either way.
  15. What's the strongest pre workout product?

    Irate has 70mg DMAA. Another solid one to try
  16. PCT - Inhibit Catabolism of Lean Muscle

    2 scoops of whey in 12oz of water in the morning is 50g. That will inhibit appetite for rest of day?
  17. Halodrol Vs Lgd-4033?

    15mg LGD for 10 weeks. Week 4 add in dermal Trest. You will see some good gains and feel great. Your test levels will also be at ZERO by week 10 but pay to play
  18. PCT - Inhibit Catabolism of Lean Muscle

    Eat more. Up the Protein and fat
  19. Mk-677 baseline blood panel
  20. Rad -140 Joint Pain

    Not uncommon with SARMS. your suppressed and your E2 level is lower as your TEST is lower