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  1. Epiburn Pro

    Anyone else using this yet? I'm on my fourth day and so far so good. Sweating up a storm and the stim effect is pretty smooth without a crash. Doing 2 caps in the AM and then 1 in the PM preworkout. You can get by without using a Pre, or if you do want to use one you can use a stim-free Pre...
  2. Oral Anabolics and GI Distress

    Pat, I have done several short cycles of oral AAS (mix between methylated and non methylated). I noticed with every single cycle, I have had more and more GI issues during and post cycle. Even after coming off cycle, the symptoms were reduced however never disappeared. After each cycle I would...
  3. 3 Party Lab Test

    Can you guys start posting these up for your products? Would like to make sure i am taking M-Sten and not Superdrol.