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  1. Naseem

    No love for Phera Plex

    PM needed for phera source, thanks
  2. Naseem

    Unanswered Stronger ph

    can you pm me the source please?
  3. Naseem

    Akuamma a legal sub for kratom?

    Akuamma did nothing to me. Tried the extract, other than mild sedative. Some vendors ship to all states and they label kratom as matcha tea or something!
  4. Naseem

    A week into cold turkey kratom withdrawals

    Not an opiate, but got many alkaloids. 7-hydroxymitragynine binds to μ-opioid receptor. Not really strong affinity opiod receptor compared to real opiates.
  5. Naseem

    How to use bitcoins

    Buy at coinbase you will have them there, like paypal. Check out at your source site you ll have a payment address. Copy the address, click send on coinbase wallet. Paste the address you copied on your coinbase send wallet than click send, done!. Better get litecoins, same but much faster...
  6. Naseem

    Bp spiking

    Baby aspirin. 8 gr fish oil, L theanine helped me a lot with bp and relaxation. Hawthorne berry extract and garlic extract too.
  7. Naseem

    Got too big

    Need to load up before they add it to the new controlled substance act :09:
  8. Naseem

    Got too big

    NP, bro. The only thing i have been all year around is Orange Triad with about 5 months health IQ blasts. Am i still natty?.
  9. Naseem

    Got too big

    Never said they were not steroids by any means. Just meant never did a long cycle 12 weeks ...etc, let alone cruising with bursts year along. From all the designer i did, i never came back to square 1 by losing my gains. Doing a 4 weeks epi at 30 is nothing close to a 16 week at 750 test cyp...
  10. Naseem

    Got too big

    No way close to you. But i am 6 2 250 lbs at 8% and was 280 at 10%, never did a real cycle but only designers like 5 cycles. I hated myself at 280 and felt it was turning against me, it was obvious in mma/grappling. I did keto diet for 3 months, dropped coupls lbs and now i am 6 days keto and 1...
  11. Naseem

    Serious mental side effects during first cycle

    Get back to your TRT dosage and get some 5HTP to balance back your serotonin. Also in the mean time get some Kratom it is cheap, red borneo after work and some green mang da with your cofee in the morning. Start with half teas spoon and work your dosage until you find your sweet spot.
  12. Naseem

    Getting summer ready with Nos Labs 11kt diol

    Sounds good , was about to try it but my body already overheats easily ! add to this the fact i am living in AZ and it is already above 105. Will give it a shot in September .
  13. Naseem

    Getting summer ready with Nos Labs 11kt diol

    Kool :)
  14. Naseem

    Getting summer ready with Nos Labs 11kt diol

    Isn't Sabbath from the night of Friday to the sun set of Saturday ! , i know you mean rest the Christian version . Any side effect like blood pressure , headache , body temp ...etc ?
  15. Naseem

    Hi-tech pharma superdrol first cycle questions

    Get a real PCT , nolva/clomid it is pretty easy to get them . I have tried before and i had a rebound gyno 6 months later even though i have used clomid and aromasin as my pct . I never had any issue with gyno before and i have used the real superdrol , epi and a test cycle. I am dealing with a...
  16. Naseem

    Hi-Tech Superderol (sponsored log) , Back to the superdrol

    Only happens to me with Methyls. Hi Tech Superdrol never decreased but it kept increasing it in a steady way. Almost 3 weeks in and out of 12 lbs gain i lost 3 lbs. This is a very smooth PCT.
  17. Naseem

    Hi-Tech Superderol (sponsored log) , Back to the superdrol

    no was crazy all over the cycle , it just start going back to normal at around day 5 of PCT. No more crazy hunger especially the craving in the middle of the night.
  18. Naseem

    Hi-Tech Superderol (sponsored log) , Back to the superdrol

    Thanks Bro. My PCT is really light , no signs of crash, depression or catabolism so far. Thank God !
  19. Naseem

    Hi-Tech Superderol (sponsored log) , Back to the superdrol

    A week in , 1 lbs less. H2O most likely !. Lethargy left, so does itchiness . Hunger is getting back to normal, still feeling full though. No pct depression so far. Joints are now feeling dry due to aromasin .
  20. Naseem

    Hi-Tech Superderol (sponsored log) , Back to the superdrol

    sure i will. I am on day 2 so far so good, it feels like it is still in my system.