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  1. Found a few vials

    Hey guys, I was recently cleaning out my closet and I came across a couple of vials of testosterone cypionate in grapeseed oil with expiration dates in 2017. Are these still ok to use? What is the general consensus? Thanks, J
  2. Favorite AI

    I'm wondering what ai is your favorite and why?
  3. Best non-stim pump product.

    Hey Guys, I recently was given a sample of a pump product (PES product). I do not recall the name but wow, I had a pretty good pump until the next day! I never thought I would try one but my new training partner convinced me to try it. As I get older (47) I'm looking to find that something...
  4. Good Podcasts for bodybuilding

    Hey All, I'm wondering if you guys have a few really good Podcasts on bodybuilding and fatloss that you all listen to, what are the best ones? Jeff
  5. Old Designer Stock

    Hey Guys, I was digging through some boxes in my basement and came across some old CEL goodies. I have 4 bottles each of hdrol, mdrol, pplex and 4 bottles of IBE epistane, all purchased around 2012. I'm wondering if these should be ok to use? Any help would be appreciated.