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    my cousin's stash .. he couldnt take ksm .. i got him stanoplex instead for next cycle Epi andro - open with 5xtra caps total of 65caps EpiAndro Gel - maybe 1/4th or 1/3rd left will let go both for $57 shipped .


    * post#2 saved for people who have paid and joined up * Hello .. So thinking about starting a traditional AM Fantasy Football league every year. Looking to see if we can get 8min - 16max players. If for 1st year we can get 8-10 people , i think it would be a good start. Live Draft , Pay to...

    USA WTB: pre workouts

    looking for pre's without beta alanine & glycerol have bunch to trade .. including JYM pre workout w/ only 2 serving missing .. not a fan of BA

    USA WTB APEX stuff

    i am well aware of their bogo sales .. but looking to stock up more stuff dien, 6oxo, baet .. hit me up with what you have to offer .. will trade in your favor.

    USA 2 magnitropin

    Both sealed .. great natural stuff $65shipped usa

    Viagra/Cialias - Eye issue.

    Curios if anyone here have any issues with either or. Blurry vision, light sensitivity, and decreased ability to tell colors apart can happen, but they're “temporary and have not been shown to have a harmful effect on your vision,” according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).Feb...

    Topical Androgel(Test)

    I know theres plenty of guys here who pins, curious if someone here has tried gel with good results ? All these UG sites i only see oils and havent seen any or im just looking at wrong places lol.

    Got my 1st shot ...

    So i got my 1st shot ... ... waiting for bartender to come back with my 2nd shot now

    Bulk Agmatine in stock for sale.

    Pick Powder or caps for $16.76 I know there's quite a few people here who love agmatine like myself and sometimes its hard to find .. SNS has it restocked in bulk powder & caps. If you are unfamiliar of this stuff, along with NO benefits .. some people have reported better sleep along with...
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    USA WTB : 1andro

    looking for 1andro .. pm me, looking to pull a trade
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    USA OG Olympus labs stuff

    legend sealed inside gharine mk677 83/90 caps prefer paypal or cash app
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    Any1 collect sports cards ?

    curious .. i used to alot back in the days when it was popular .. looks like they are making a return. made an investment in kobe rookie card when he passed away. Curious if others have some good rookie cards ( basketball, football )
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    USA WTS : 2 Magnitropin, anabolic effect - More natural muscle builders

    SOLD 1 sealed BMP + another bottle with 50 caps $40 2 sealed myokem magnitropin $70 SOLD 2 sealed anabolic effect + 150caps in ziplock $80 4 nutrex OG anabol 5 $85 SOLD 1 antaeus labs titan $30 SOLD 1 OL Legend sealed + 1 OL mk677 83/90 caps $80 2 pes symbiont GI stress $30 1 big focus factor...
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    This thread is for people who i have sent out the samples for .. SNS team and me def would appreciate the feedback on it . I absolutely love this stuff .. very effective formula. Looking fwd to people's feedback.
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    USA BLR - Han Swolo FS

    1 open with 20 caps 1 sealed I gave it a shot but didnt work out for me .. gave me the shyts everytime .. moved onto SNS vasoforce letting both go for $ or hit me up with trades. both for $47 shipped
  16. GQdaLEGEND

    USA 5 products + samples for $100 shipped

    all 5 bottles sealed. 2 PES symbiont-GI 1 A.Labs Titan 1 Big CL orange Triad 1 Big focus factor samples of new SNS vasoforce & Cel super swole included. $100 shipped for all .. USA only.
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    hit me if you have any to spare for trade p.s i know its on sale bogo dont direct me to their site lol
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    Henry Cavill becomes the Chief Creative Director at Muscletech

    Legacy supplement company Muscletech has dropped some big news today with just a few days left in the year. The brand has announced that actor Henry Cavill, known for his role as Superman in Man Of Steel, Justice League, and Batman V Superman, has joined the team. He has come on board as a brand...
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    USA T-shirt/Tank $15 each shipped

    All new and made in usa .. great quality PM me only if buying and mention your size.
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    USA T shirt/ Tank - all new

    All sizes available $17 for one .. $30 for 2 shipped Great quality .. all made in usa