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  1. What’s the highest dosage Cialis you have taken on a daily basis?

    I know 5 mg Cialis is the dr. prescribed daily dosage. Anybody every go higher?
  2. Anyone ever cruise on Trest

    Anyone have any experience doing this? How was it? Any bloodwork?
  3. Old man needs advice on cutting in regards to anabolics

    I am 43 years old on trt and have run anabolics the past 4 years. My question is due to my older age would it generally be recommended I only cut while on cycle since the older you are the more likely you are too lose muscle when in a calorie deficit? I would imagine this would especially be...
  4. 2nd try

    Ran this same cycle several months ago and gained about 16 fairly clean pounds in 8 weeks, but since I don’t have to PCT because I’m on trt, I made the mistake of transitioning into a cut too soon after the cycle ended (after just 2 weeks) and lost all my gains. Will be running this again, but...
  5. Transdermal Rad 140 and LGD 4033 absorption.

    Was contemplating ordering transdermal Rad 140 and transdermal LGD 4033 in hopes it might be easier on lipids than their oral counterpart (not interested in pinning these compounds. Assuming the transdermal has a quality carrier, what percentage of absorption would you guess you would get mg per...
  6. Non aromatizing transdermal anabolics?

    Other than andros, can anyone think of any other non aromatizing transdermal version anabolics that are available from research companies?
  7. Books with effective bodybuilding routines?

    I currently am working through The Year One Challenge for Men by Mike Matthews. It has a year of bodybuilding routines and am seeing good results. Can anyone else recommend some other good books with effective prewritten bodybuilding routines?
  8. USA Premier Research Essentials

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  9. Would non listed designers show up on a roid test?

    Anybody know if designer steroids that aren’t explicitly scheduled yet such as DMZ, Msten, Trestolone Aceate cause one to fail a steroid test?
  10. Narrows Labs no longer sells Sarms

    Just learned this today.
  11. How long does it take for these compounds to clear system?

    Currently taking LGD 4033, Rad 140, Trestolone Ace trandermal, Superdrol, and epiando/androsterone transdermal. What would be the maximum estimate it would take for these compounds to clear the system?
  12. USA SNS Inhibit P unopened

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  13. Joepaul39’s Transdermal Trest Ace Superdrol cycle

    Last Monday I started a cycle. Will be running for 12 weeks 60 mg transdermal Trest Ace, Ultra Hard transdermal (this is 375 mg Epiandro, 125 mg androsterone), LGD 4033 at 22 mg a day, and Rad 140 20 mg a day. I am also on 160 mg testosterone. As a finisher I will conclude the cycle with...
  14. USA Cell Cycle Assist

    Unopened Cell Cycle Assist by Competitive Edge Labs $15.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.
  15. Strange health issue possibly caused by anabolics

    So last time I was on a cycle of Trest ace I had severe night sweats. I have been off cycle for 12 weeks and the night sweats have continued. Further, now in the day I am always cold. Will keep it like 72 in the house and where a hoodie. I had a thyroid test like a year ago come back bad but a...
  16. Anyone ever take up to 40 mg tadafil?

    Took this much tonight. Curious is anyone else ever went this high?
  17. How many calories over maintenance to bulk with on cycle ?

    Looking to do a bulk on Trest Ace with Superdrol as a finisher. Been debating if I should go with a 500, 750, or 1000 calorie over the limit for the bulk. About how many calories over maintenance do you typically bulk at to add muscle without too much fat.
  18. Marijuana and bodybuilding

    How much impediment (if any) into attempting to obtain a muscular physique do you think getting high on edibles say twice a week would be if no overeating occurs and the getting high only occurred after not before workouts?
  19. Supplements for tennis elbow

    Currently taking Cissus and Tumeric for tennis elbow. Are there any additional supplements I can add that might help?
  20. Carditone dosage

    Running an ephedra and caffeine stack while cutting. Blood pressure is high at 153 over 93. Have Carditone on hand and figure it is time to pull the trigger? How do you dose it, I assume just start with one pill a day? If I end up up needing two caps a day do I take it all at once or spread it out?