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  1. jameschoi

    What is this compound: 12,13-Di-HOME

    Is this CLA or something else?
  2. jameschoi

    Boolah Boolah with Exubol

    Exubol : Potent Natural Anabolic. Lean Muscle Gain. Turkesterone + Ecdysterone. Natural Anabolic. This is my first log. The bottle contains 100 caps and I will be taking 20 caps a day spaced out thru the day. I did legs on Thursday and was off today. My routine is Push,Pull,Legs. I am also...
  3. jameschoi

    Need a 30 day routine

    Will be on a 30 day msten cycle and need suggestions on how to best use all 30 days to workout. I have been on a Push Pull Legs routine for the last year.