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  1. AntM1564

    Apex Alchemy Dienolone Log *Sponsored*

    First off, I want to give a huge shoutout to @Renew1, @nostrum420 and @xR1pp3Rx and anyone else that made this opportunity possible. They are allowing me to log not one, two, or three, but four bottles of Dienolone. Background First, a little about me. I am 31, I will turn 32 during the log...
  2. AntM1564

    Seismic Surge log *Sponsored*

    Huge thank you to Strong Supplement Shop for letting me log Seismic Surge. I am a little late with the log since I had a deload week last week and I also used that time as a stim break. I will throw pictures up a little late. Here is the product description, right from Strong Supplement Shop...
  3. AntM1564

    Start Caber right away?

    On Sunday, I will begin my first run of Tren. I was wondering if I should start caber, E3D, from the start? For what it is worth, I ran Deca in the past, at 600 mg with 400 mg of test, had Caber on hand, but did not need it. I did use it at the start, but it made me feel very lethargic. I...
  4. AntM1564

    Taking orals and supports together

    I came across a post on another forum stating that orals and supports (the post specifically stated TUDCA) should be taken at least three hours apart from one another because TUDCA can decrease the bioavailability of whatever oral one is taking. There was no evidence to back up the claim and I...
  5. AntM1564

    First Tren Cycle, some questions

    I have been doing a lot of reading and searching and I am finding some conflicting info I would like to have some vets clear up for me. I am not going to post them right now, but instead, in a specific order once I feel like I have enough information. First question: This is going to be my...
  6. AntM1564

    Training Split

    I thought I would ask this here instead of the training forum since splits might be different from those who are natty versus enhanced. What is everyone doing training wise? I remember a big push for PPL type splits five or so years ago, but it seems like a typical bodybuilding split has made...
  7. AntM1564

    Your preferred method of carb cycing?

    When carb cycling, when do you like to have your high carb days? On training days that are your hardest? Training days with the muscle group you want to improve the most? The day before your hardest training day?
  8. AntM1564

    Bands for Leg Press

    I have been fooling around with the idea of using bands on the leg press for extra tension on the lockout. which of the following would be the best the use? I have the orange micro bands, but even when double looped, it does not seem like it would provide enough tension...
  9. AntM1564

    Unanswered Peptides during PCT

    Anyone have any experience with peptides they think help during PCT? Mainly looking for something for recovery and to help maintain strength.
  10. AntM1564

    Unanswered Quick pre workout snack suggestions

    I just got my updated schedule for work, I'm a teacher, and every other day, I have very early prep period followed by an early lunch. On those days, my prep is from 8:50 to 10:30 and then the period my students have during 5th period is from 10:50-11:10. I can have my lunch when they go to...
  11. AntM1564

    Unanswered Wrist Wrap suggestions

    Mine are getting a little worn and I want to purchase another pair before mine actually go. I am looking for something stiff as my pressing weight is increasing more. I currently have Contrabands.
  12. AntM1564

    Digesting Right with Gutbac

    I want to thank @Hyde for allowing me to run this. I love CL, OT and Oximega are staples of mine. It seems like they are rolling out some essential health supplements, which is a great addition. I have used many different types of digestive health products. Digestion is probably an overlooked...
  13. AntM1564

    Unanswered Start cycle or wait?

    I ordered everything for my upcoming cycle on Monday, and to my surprise, it was already here today despite it being an international order. I ordered everything from this source, except for my SD. I ordered that from another source and that won't be shipped out until next week. I have all my...
  14. AntM1564

    Unanswered Protein intake blast and cruise

    How much protein does everyone eat, in relation to their weight, when they are blasting and cruising?
  15. AntM1564

    Unanswered Third Cycle, Recomp or Cut

    For my third cycle, I am looking to recomp or even cut. My fear is losing the strength I have gained over my previous cycles. I am stronger than I have been at a lower weight and body fat. I am not a strength athlete, I just love my squats, bench, over head press, and deadlifts. I am thinking if...
  16. AntM1564

    Third Cycle Suggestions

    I haven't been on the forums in a while. I have been looking to put together my third cycle. I wouldn't run it until the end of summer/early fall, but I like to put it together and get my stuff early since shipping can take a while at time. First cycle was simple - test e 500 mg/week - 12 weeks...
  17. AntM1564

    Deload Nutrition Question

    I am in need of a deload. I follow a 5/3/1 PPL hybrid, he is how my deload is going to look: On hypertrophy days, reduce reps per set, on hypertrophy days. So if a movement is 3x12 at 225 lbs, I will do 3x6 at 225 lbs. On my heavy days, I will deload the main lifts like Wendler suggests. The...
  18. AntM1564

    Help Me Structure My Deload

    I have neglected a deload since Memorial Day weekend, that was my last one. I follow a 5/3/1 PPl program and my main lifts are starting to stall. I have yet to hit a wall on the main lifts (bench, ohp, squat, and deadlift), I have always hit the + sets with more reps than prescribed, but the...
  19. AntM1564

    Muscle Inflammation?

    I was using a lacrosse ball on a section of my lower back the other day. I released a trigger point and it felt great. A few hours later, I noticed a lump at the base of my lower back/top of my glute. I can move and it does not hurt. The only discomfort I get is when I am lying directly on it...
  20. AntM1564

    Bad Dragon Pharma (pics)

    This post is going to be long, but please bear with me, especially if you have used Dragon before. I did my first cycle last spring and it ended in the summer. I used SP Labs Test E 500 for 12 weeks. I gained about 20 pounds and retained 12 or 13 after water fell off. I used a different...