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    Split Oral Doses?

    Damn any severe back pumps?
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    Don't know if this is allowed but what happened to vicious?

    Thank you!
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    Don't know if this is allowed but what happened to vicious?

    anyone from there? zoo sent me here but I don't see anything related to vicious.....
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    Math question- mixing products for convenience

    So if I had a jar of I-force Hemavol but wanted to add Now Foods Beta Alanine Powder - 500 Gram and Kaged Muscle C-HCl Powder (Creatine HCL) Unflavored - 75 Servings/56.25g total. 750mg per serving. Would it be smarted to go for 2-300g to mix for the BA? Basically how much beta alanine,the...
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    Bottle promo?

    Hey guys I have a ton of empty bottles, well actually im not sure anymore since I did throw a good amount away but I do have several empty ones. Can I just cut off the upc or the whole label and send it a specific address? Wasn't there a picture showing what adds up to what free products...
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    Unanswered Topic of The Week: Do you worry about long terms effects of preworkouts?

    My biggest worry is quality control...what, how, and where it came from. But I did stop taking massive 400mg+caffeine scoops. I would only use 1/3 or half. I also just try to stick with things like focus xt and some hemavol+glycergrow+beta alanine and I'm good to go.
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    Hemavol came with 2 different scoops....

    Thx so much for the help guys!!
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    Wtb aps mesomorph Payment via paypal Lmk
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    Hemavol came with 2 different scoops....

    It came with 2 different scoops and they're not even the right sizes. Ones about 12-15cc and the other 20cc.....So it's either almost double the dose or 2.5x the regular dose... Did this happen to anyone else...?
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    Central Nervous System & Natty Supplements

    Food and sleep
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    Lol holy ****. Usually back pumps come on during workouts. You definitely had it bad haha
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    The crazy thing is I never experienced back pumps with Epi. Libido started dropping around same time as you. Lethargy was getting bad starting week 5.
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    Yeah it tends to be 70/30. 70 being just regular 30 being euphoric/androgenic. Epi was dry for me but at the same time it made my joints actually feel great and my nips were very puffy. My hormones at the time must've somehow made it very androgenic for me. I was eating extremely fatty meals...
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    Yeah researching with mk677 and intense training(old school high volume+short ass rest times) has my appetite already up. Don't need any more munchies. Honestly the thing I'm really looking forward to is that dbol euphoria during the research. What's better than getting stronger, leaner, and...
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    No I haven't. I've read a lot about it. Many say it's like a weaker version of Epi. With a couple saying it was stronger than epi. Either way it's definitely more milder since most people run it way higher than epi. I was going to run this for the summer but decided to go with dianodrol...
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    Lgi Triumphalis Cycle Preview

    Why don't you just run one dose through out?
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    Best type of creatine??

    Creapure(mono) or SNS MCC. Magnesium is always a good thing in my eyes.
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    Havoc vs Triumphalis

    Just try triumphalis man. But why ramp up the doses? Just keep it consistent
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    Cialis Daily Use

    Just bro science but when I do have cialis or analogue in my blood, I definitely get a better,bigger, and harder pump. Hey it does two things in the same way!
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    mk677 is not a peptide. It's secretagogue. It just simply boosts ones natural pulses from my simple understanding due to the long half life.