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  1. thescience

    Why aren't you taking Pro-nos?

    Wasnt mri pro-nos 30$/lb when it first came out? Regardless, it's 12$/ln now and it's everything they claim it is. Its like citrulline, viagra, a fat burner that actually burns fat, and protein powder all in one, and im paying less for it than i was for heliogen casein. Amazing. Sent from my...
  2. thescience

    Na-r ala: geronova out of business?

    Anybody know anything? The webpage and home of the king of alpha lipoic acid is not accessable anymore.
  3. thescience

    Did usplabs go out of business?

    My ex called me to say she couldn't get super cissus anymore, citing the vitaminshoppe manager's claim that the company was out of business. can anyone confirm this?
  4. thescience

    How to tell if it is'nt placebo: A testimonial guide

    I recently happened into a bloodbath of a thread where Admin was kicking a** and taking names. He raised an interesting point that there isnt all that much going on with the placebo aspect of studies( ie we dont see tremendous improvements in the placebo group all the time), so why do so many...
  5. thescience


    I impulsively bought a bottle and have been thinking about writing a log, but im wondering why it's necessary to cycle off this stuff. Basically, im not taking it if anything gets suppressed so any info would be awesome here because this stuff looks like it was put together well. I really like...
  6. thescience

    Mourning the Loss of the Greatest Supplement Ever Made

    I've withheld starting this thread so that I could get my hands on whatever supplies I could first, but I can't hold it in anymore. Usplabs Prime has vanished from every shelf that i come across without a single word of explanation. I reached out to the company, only to get some nonsense that...
  7. thescience

    NEW PRODUCT: Pink Magic Platinum

    its the new supplement by usplabs that nobody's talking about. maybe people should be talking about it, i mean, its got alot of novel things going for it: Ultimate-T and Libido Elite Complex Lepidium Yemeni (Root) Extract Spilanthes Acmella (Flower) Extract Asteracantha Longfolia (Seed)...
  8. thescience


    has anybody tried this? theyre hyping it as something that increases muscle endurance by 30%. somewhere in the interview they compare it to doping. its really expensive. im interested in its mitochondrial benefits, though i dont know how far it goes past niacinamide or ribose (which sucks)
  9. thescience

    MANSports PF3: what to look for. compiled testimony

    Apparently, some beta-testers have had a shot at Pf3 and others are on their way. I see posts dating back a year talking about its release, and now we're almost there. This thread is a compilation of highlighted user testimony. as I continue to paste findings into this thread, questions...
  10. thescience

    Do nitrites (not nitrates) deserve the bad rep?

    any search for nitrites (not nitrates) comes up with vague warnings about its danger. if I understand it correctly, you don't get nitric oxide or vasodialation until, perchance, nitrate consumption (25% or less depending) is converted by a certain species of bodily bacteria into nitrite. This...
  11. thescience

    any suggestions for potent adrenal supplement?

    I looking for something that would replicate adrenaline for self diagnostic purposes. it seems like everytime I take a vitamin for the adrenals, I get exceptionally good benefits. I recently tried something called isocort just for 3 days and It cut my sleep by 4 hours. I stopped taking it...