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  1. Androsterone/Epiandro Detection

    His posts are identical to starscream aren't they?
  2. Test and keto!! This podcast is pretty good. The guy is in great shape and gets really ripped utilizing keto.
  3. Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

    I would leave it in....
  4. Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    100% natty.
  5. Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    I bought one years ago. You have to train super slow on it to get anything out of it. I also found someone that makes a power rod attachment that goes up to 510 lbs, you'll need that as well. It definitely got used over the last year......
  6. Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

    Exactly how I get it, no noodles extra chicken and veggies. That looks amazing.
  7. The Game Changers

  8. Best stack for ultimate sex drive?

    I use 125mg of masteron e with my trt, ridiculous sex drive
  9. Will you develop a tolerance to BPC-157?

    I hurt my shoulder last year and used 250 mcg twice per day for a month. I could not believe how fast it healed, i have not used it since.
  10. Supreme Labs

    It's their tadalafil product. @cheftepesh1
  11. Supreme Labs

    Tadadrive is legit
  12. Supreme Labs First Contest

  13. Supreme Labs First Contest

    My order arrived Thursday, I can say the tadadrive is legit.....
  14. Supreme Labs First Contest

    What part of MA are you from? I grew up in Boston and moved to the Northshore 20 years ago.
  15. Supreme Labs First Contest

    My order will be here Friday, I can't wait....
  16. Supreme Labs First Contest

    Order 16378
  17. Anybody buy recently expired products

    Vitamin Shoppe
  18. What was your 1st cycle

    Mine was test cyp 250 mg per week and oral winny at 20 mg per day.
  19. Old guy stacks

    When I powerlifted, my body fat % was always in the 15 to 16% range. I constantly ate but mainly clean. I went into power building and then bodybuilding. I like being 11% ish bf and looking young. Do I miss benching heavy, yes... Do i miss all the aches and pains, no way........
  20. Old guy stacks

    I try to keep my calories stable now. Whenever I did a bulk, I wouldn't let myself lose my abs. The minute I saw the blurriness take hold, I held the calories right there for the duration, usually no more than 10 weeks.