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  1. Kronic

    help thymosin alpha 1 research

    hey guys, looking to do thymosin alpha 1 research, but supreme labs, MA, and AA and don't have it. I submitted product requests to MA and AA, I guess I need to send one to supreme labs still anyone know of a good site for thymosin alpha 1 for researchy McResearch[emoji769]️? it's just a...
  2. Kronic

    TB-500 + BPC 157 time

    got some pharma grade tb-500 (15mg / 30 days) prescribed so i can be wolverine. Same 6ml water dilution as my BPC 157 was. I'm still doing BPC 157 along side this. however again what my consultant says is wildly different from what I find on the internet. It's interesting that I see a lot of...
  3. Kronic

    bpc 157 misinformation

    I'm trying to get to the bottom of a few things about bpc 157. basically whenever I go to look into it online I find a lot of sites saying things that contradict what my consultant/doctor has told me. 1. many sites say bpc 157 needs to be administered locally to the site that needs to be...
  4. Kronic

    might be a bpc 157 log

    hey y'all, I just ordered 2 months of bpc 157 thru a no hassle US based company with a doctor. it's legit pharma grade, but they don't accept insurance so it's kinda expensive. does anyone happen to know if general practitioners would ever prescribe bpc 157 and would insurance cover any of it...
  5. Kronic

    cortisol and bulking

    i mostly do cortisol control reduction for the stress relief, and everyone always says its for weight loss, but does it help at all with building muscle? it kinda sounds like high cortisol causes faster muscle protein breakdown. might be useful to reduce cortisol before workouts? i can...
  6. Kronic

    Milk appreciation

    Been doing horizon grassfed. Tastes really good. Costco milk is pretty solid too Should be the normal casien but I don't really like the taste of the A2 I've tried Edit: oops wrong subforum sorry
  7. Kronic

    duplicate post sorry

    duplicate post sorry
  8. Kronic


    Got some PQQ from Toniq today. Damn my focus was off the chart, and I got the thirsty side effect. I was slammin water and super focused. tiniest cute lil capsules ive ever seen too.
  9. Kronic

    Military Blood Tests

    So my friend is joining the military, and was wanting to do a cycle before going in. Apparently they do test for steroids, and I was wondering if a PH or which PH would show up on the drug(blood) test. He has about 4 months from today till he goes to boot camp. It's the army if it makes any...
  10. Kronic

    40cent 12g Protein Yogurt

    Hey all, I see alot of people posting about greek yogurt, but that stuffs like 1 buck each. If you have a fryes grocerie store in your area, they have their brand (kroger) of yogurt with 12g of protein for 40c each. Awesome deal
  11. Kronic

    I hate ugly girls!

    They should have to pay extra to go to the same gym as me. :wizard:
  12. Kronic

    I'm about to incorperate some constant tension...

    I've been doin just straight up heavy lifts lately, and I found this article when reading about kaatsu training. http www Stimulate More Muscle Growth I'm gunna give it a shot, any thoughts? Sorry i cant post a proper link yet.. under 50 posts :\
  13. Kronic

    Snorkel Training???

    Can someone explain the benefits of wearing a snorkel while lifting? If you dont know what it is, google snorkel training. I guess theres a few MMA fighters that do it. Looks redic lol
  14. Kronic

    Do YOU like to be hit on at the gym?

    Just curious what everyone thinks =P
  15. Kronic

    Do you guys eat fruit?

    I see tons of posts about diets, but I dont really see fruit ever included. Is it pointless or something? I try to eat bananas at least. Id think the potassium would be good.
  16. Kronic

    Whats the deal with Herbalife?

    Herbalife wants me to be an independant distributer, with 25% of the sales in my pocket. The thing is, I dont really know much about their products other than what they or their site has told me. Herbalife only sells through indipendant distributers, and ive never seen them on nutra or...
  17. Kronic

    Overcoming Plataeu..

    Im about 10 weeks into my training.. And im power lifting 1 body part a day.. Low reps. Im about 10 weeks in, and am feeling to need to take about 7 days off to overcome it. Im just curious what you guys do to overcome a plataeu or if youd have any suggestions theyre definately welcome. I...
  18. Kronic

    Chest weight training = smaller boobs?

    Like flies and all the kinds of presses, is it true? I was thinkin itd only get rid of the fat around the breast tissue?