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  1. Wimsicle

    Shoulders/Neck injury - numbness in arms and pain in shoulders / shoulder blades

    Hello all, First of all, thanks for reading. I have been struggling for the last 6 months or so and have done several things from EMG's, MRI's, PT, etc. with minor improvements. The worst part of all, is I dont think the root of the issue is being targeted and myself + doctors cant seem to...
  2. Wimsicle

    MR SUPPS Keto Burn Log

    Hello all and welcome to my log! First of all, thank you to MR SUPPS and cheftepesh1 for the opportunity to log Keto Burn. I've never used T2, 7-keto-DHEA, or 7-b-h-dhea. I will be doing a 4 week cut using Keto Burn 3x daily. My starting weight is 195.3lb. My goal is to lift 3-5x a week...
  3. Wimsicle

    Favorite Non-Stim PWO?

    Hey ya'll! A buddy of mine is stim sensitive and just wants to live without the reliance on stims. He, and myself, are wondering what people's favorite non-stim workout for Endurance is. It looks like most non-stim are pretty expensive per serving, but price isnt the main concern. Things I...
  4. Wimsicle

    Wimsicle Builds Size With a Natty Stack and PHAT

    Hey everyone! This is my second log that I will be doing. I wanted to clean it up, be more strict on the logging, and have a place to track progress. Would love if you joined me on my next little journey of fun :) I will be continuing a 5 day PHAT. I have ran it for almost 8 weeks, and just...
  5. Wimsicle

    White Kidney Bean Extract? Carb Blocker? GDA?

    Title kind of sums up my question. Has anyone ever used White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus Vulgaris) as a 'carb blocker'? Thanks!
  6. Wimsicle

    Wimsicle takes on Booneman77's 5 day PHAT : 8-12 week CUT

    Hello and welcome to my log! First of all, I would like to thank booneman77 for all of the time he has put in answering my questions and helping me get started. I gave it a little test run last week to find some of the sweet spots with weights, and boy oh boy does it crush me! In a good...