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  1. CATdiesel76

    USA Dark Energy

    Have some tubs of Dark Energy FS. Can take pics when I get home. Orange flavor. $75 plus $8 shipping
  2. CATdiesel76

    BPC-157 Burn?

    Hello all. I have recently purchased some BPC-157 and BAC water from a popular vendor. My BPC-157 burns like HCG while injecting and for a bit after. The only other BPC I have used was from MA research and it did not do this. Is the normal? Could it possibly be the BAC water? Thanks for the help
  3. CATdiesel76

    USA Chemix Nootropic (2.8 servings missing)

    As the title says: Chemix Nootropic with 2.8 servings missing. $50 shipped. Venmo preferred but can do PayPal or others. Thanks!
  4. CATdiesel76


    Zoo any thoughts on bringing back the 150mg caps of this? Always liked having it for a little boost or for its effects on cholesterol
  5. CATdiesel76

    Special Forces

    This stuff is A really good and underrated stacker. Gives a nice focus and energy boost. I rotate stacking it with some juice daddy, focus XT, or bulk caffeine and 1,3. Bottle lasts a long ass time too. Figured id put the word out for yall
  6. CATdiesel76

    Favorite Vanilla Protein

    I know there are tons of protein threads but searched and didn’t find much info on any vanilla proteins other than Select and Oxyelite Vanilla which are both great but want to see if there are any other suggestions for a good vanilla protein. I know it’s not the most popular flavor but I love...
  7. CATdiesel76

    USA Vein Nutrition Sedation FS

    Vein Nutrituon Sedation For Sale 1 sealed and 1 open (around half full) Both Orange Gunmy Candy flavored which I believe is the only flavor it comes in. $40 plus $7 shipping for both tubs
  8. CATdiesel76

    PA’s New Epi Supplement Awesome read and first Epi product I will try
  9. CATdiesel76

    USA Scivation Quake w/Caffiene FS

    As the title says. Scivation Quake with caffiene 40 serving s watermelon flavor. Sealed $50 shipped no trades.
  10. CATdiesel76

    USA WTB for OL Ghard1ine

    As the title says, looking for OL Ghard1ne. Pm me if you are looking to get rid of some
  11. CATdiesel76

    Ron Kramer Nitrate Patents

    So I'm slightly confused about the wording of these patents. "CLAIMS(2) 1. An Amino Acid Compound consisting essentially of a nitrate or nitrite of an Amino Acid selected from the group consisting of Arginine Beta Alanine, Agmatine, Citrulline, Creatine, Glutamine, L-Histidine, Isoleucine...
  12. CATdiesel76

    Freeze Sleeve

    I would never endorse a product I did not think was awesome. But if any of you have aching elbows, knees, shins, forearms, etc then you need to check these things out. They are the next generation ice pack. It is a cold compression sleeve with a patented gel material. Throw it in the freezer...
  13. CATdiesel76

    Going the Extra Mile With MileHighKratom

    Mile High Kratom Private Reserve Bali First of all want to give a big thanks to Montego1 and the guys at Mile High Kratom for letting me log this. History: Have used Kratom various times in the past. I have had results ranging from serious pain relief, euphoria, and energy, as well as...
  14. CATdiesel76

    Florida QB Suspended for Lgd-4033

    As the title says. Florida QB out for the season by NCAA after failing a PED test for lgd-4033. Not really into SARMs but for those who are, I don't see them lasting long. This will only fuel the fire
  15. CATdiesel76

    Greatest Supplement Booth Expo

    So my girlfriend surprised me on my anniversary on my birthday with tickets to the 2016 Arnold Classic. Honestly, I am more excited for the expo than actual show since im not into BB much anymore but more powerlifting/strength sports. I'm honor of this I was curious. What was the coolest booth...
  16. CATdiesel76

    PES Enhanced FS/FT

    PES Enhanced for sale or for trade. Opened with 3-4 servings missing. Looking for natty anabolics, AI's, really anything but fat burners
  17. CATdiesel76

    Oxyelite Protein Cookies and Cream FS/FT

    As the title says. Just opened and 3-4 servings gone. Tastes great just too thick for me. Really open to anything and I can add cash for trades
  18. CATdiesel76

    CatDiesel76 Putting Boots to Asses With IFORCE MAXOUT

    IFORCE MAXOUT History: Been training for 13 years nonstop. Did several years of competitive powerlifitng. Due to many shoulder injuries I had to quit competitions for a few years. Slowly been rebuilding myself and over the summer managed to get as big as I have ever been. Stats: Height...
  19. CATdiesel76

    Calling out PES and USPLabs

    Ok for the longest time I have been begging for more fruit flavored proteins. I don't know where the notion came from that all pre-workouts must be some great fruit flavor and all protein powders must be thick, milkshake type flavors. Of course there are exceptions (XF artic lemonade comes to...
  20. CATdiesel76

    Looking for White Flood Reborn

    Want to buy or trade for some white flood reborn