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  1. cheftepesh1

    Loggers wanted - Apply within.

    Nice promo
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    who uses pro hormones

    Damn I remember those.
  3. cheftepesh1


    This is one of the reason Iconic Formulations is a great company. @delsolrob always going the extra mile for the customer.
  4. cheftepesh1

    European Source for Iron Legion/Iconic Formulations

  5. cheftepesh1

    who uses pro hormones

    Wasn’t that part of the fun.
  6. cheftepesh1

    In the Mail ....

    A few gifts from efxsports
  7. cheftepesh1

    stacking m-test with true shred

    Sounds like a good stack. You should log it.
  8. cheftepesh1

    Using mass gainer to cut?

    Thank you. I wouldn’t recommend it, but seemed with his post he only had the gainer. In the end it is all about the numbers.
  9. cheftepesh1

    USPS Suspends First Class And Priority Service To Australia

    Seems to be every companies response when they change something and there isn’t a rational reason.
  10. cheftepesh1

    Using mass gainer to cut?

    Depending on which one. Usually these are 4-5 scoops to equal a certain number of calories and macros. If your using one scoop and can fit it in your numbers yes you can.
  11. cheftepesh1

    Best aromatase inhibitor or supplement to lower estrogen

    This is my go to for any cycle which would need it.
  12. cheftepesh1

    Favorite transdermal carrier?

    @delsolrob is the authority on salvo
  13. cheftepesh1

    Mellisa Bumstead arrested for gear

    This day and age don’t blame them
  14. cheftepesh1

    Favorite transdermal carrier?

    This is by far the best
  15. cheftepesh1

    Bottle Assembly Shortage For Gels

    Respect [emoji110]
  16. cheftepesh1

    Best 4 Andro?

    The best one I’ve used is Iconics. Some retailers may still have some left if you can find it. Iron legion also has a great one.
  17. cheftepesh1

    Can Probiotics Aggrevate Gynecomastia?

    I can’t see how the two would effect each other. That being said it could be coincidence or just a mental reaction.
  18. cheftepesh1

    Fake supplements? how common?

    I know powermysef has a good rep
  19. cheftepesh1

    Best appetite booster or natty bulker

    There used to be one by controlled labs - black hole
  20. cheftepesh1

    Anyone use Supreme Labs?

    Use plug from below