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  1. BEAST73

    BEAST73, and the 9% BodyFat Journey!

    What's up Guys and Gals?!? I haven't done a log for months now, but I'm Lit and Focused to achieve this goal at 9% body fat, look strong, and massive! I will be logging workouts daily or every other day, and I will not be tracking macros. I would love for everyone to follow this log for...
  2. BEAST73

    Apex Alchemy Lithos and Beast73

    I want to give a Big Thanks to nostrum420 for allowing me to log Lithos. This will really help me with my new training style. I’am looking for Lithos to Help me with my Strength Vascularity and Recovery. Calorie intake on training days will be 4K on rest days 3k and I will be training 5 times a...
  3. BEAST73

    Giving People Advice.

    I’am at the Gym working out,and a Guy walked up and start giving Me advice about training. I listen to him,and at the end of his conversation. I turn to him and said, Look at You, and look at Me. This guy was like 275lbs overweight and trying to give Me advice. Please! It’s a lot of Guys...
  4. BEAST73

    40 yard dash Best Time?

    What was your 40 yard time playing sports back in the day or now? My best 40 yard time was 4.5 / Football Running back,Middle/Outside Linebacker,and Defensive End. I was a Monster and they called Me, The Bull!
  5. BEAST73

    Blake_201 intermittent fasting ?

    Have anyone seen this guy videos?He is eating Hamburgers,Pizza,Hotdogs,and his daily calorie intake is 4000,at one meal a day. The guy looks really healthy and in shape. What is Your thoughts on this eating regimen?
  6. BEAST73

    The Beast73;1000 Repetition Weight Lifting Challenge!

    Target Muscles in this Challenge. 1.Chest 2.Shoulders 3.Back 4.Arms 5.Legs This Challenge must take place in one Workout Session. If any Woman or Man think they have the Heart,the Grit,and built for this intense Beast Volume of Training. I Beast73,Challenge You Now!
  7. BEAST73

    Transgender Bodybuilding!

    I found this on the Web this morning and the Competitors have some Great physiques! I didn’t know they had this division,and I think this is Awesome! What are y’all thoughts on this?
  8. BEAST73

    Beast73,Spring & Summer Shred,and Radiate,The New Pill Formula! Chapter 7

    Beast73,Spring & Summer Shred,and Radiate,The New Pill Formula! Chapter 7 Height 6’2 Weight 220Lbs Age 45 My Target Weight 190-195! I will be shredding for the next 8 months and running this log for 5 months! Thank You! RXS SUPPLEMENTS,for giving me the opportunity of using this...
  9. BEAST73

    Barbell Behind the Neck Press

    I know a lot of You don’t like Barbell behind Neck Press. People ask Me all the time,what exercise I do for My Massive Shoulders. I tell them Barbell Front Press, and Behind the Neck Press. Then I will tell them if you do behind the Neck Press go with a Light Weight. Barbell press is the Beef...
  10. BEAST73

    BEAST BULKING/Hot Winter! Chapter#6

    Height 6'2 Weight as of this morning 205 Waistline 32 Age 44 and 91 days until 45 Calories daily intake will be 3000 Bulking until March 2018 Weight Goal 235-255 My training Will be 5 days a week Very Intense and Crazy as usual,and there will be serval Pictures at different angles! I will...
  11. BEAST73

    MayWeather or McGregor

    I think McGregor will win this fight by a knockout. What do you Ladies and Gentlemen think?
  12. BEAST73

    Chapter 5/Beast73 8 week intense Journey!

    Chapter 5. Beast73, 8 week intense Journey! I will be taking Radiate before workout's, also applying Absolutely Abliderated to Stomach area. My current weight is 205, and My target weight will be 180-190 pounds. I have been using both products for 3 days now, and no negative side effects.
  13. BEAST73


    Current Weight 215 Height 6'2 Age 44 Waistline Measurement 32 Weight Lifting Experience 18 years I want to give a Big Thanks to RXSsupplemet, FireTitan, MonteCedillo, and TheMyth! This Morning was the first time in years I have taken a Pre-Work Drink, and let Me tell you RADIATE is the...
  14. BEAST73

    BEAST73/Cleveland 8 Weeks Journey! EpiBeta and OSTAR1NE

    Age 43 Height 6'2 Weight220 Waistline 33 I will be running this cycle for 8 weeks with the right Protocol, and Training 5-6 days a week. My calories will be at 1500-1800 a day, My workouts will be based on High Volume,Cardiovascular Endurance, and Killing Fat.. I will not be drinking any...
  15. BEAST73

    Androcrine and Beast73 Log/Non-Sponsored

    Hello to My Brothers and Sisters of! I will be doing a 8 week run with BPS Androcrine,but I have been using it for the last 10 days at 8 pumps a day so I decide to log it.. When I saw this product by BPS the first thing came to My mind was better Joints,and it might help me...
  16. BEAST73


    Have anyone started taking Anabolic Trinity,and If so how do you like it so far?
  17. BEAST73


    Has anyone started taking Anabolic Trinity,and if so how do you like it so far?
  18. BEAST73

    Androvar 8 week Cycle

    I have been taking Androvar for 20 days now at 600mg a day,and I must say this is one of the best products that I have every taken. Workouts in the Gym is outstanding,Strength level is through the roof,and my 12 mile run is amazing.. The only sides that I have experience so far is...