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  1. Auslifter

    Using LDG as a kicker to a Test Blast?

    would it be worth while using LDG as a 4-8 week kick to a Test E + Dbol Blast (24 week run). followed by 12 week cruise. i was considering leaving it for the cruise, but thought it might be good as a kicker instead of Dbol to start. layout is like this so far Blast - 24 weeks (goal ~4lbs per...
  2. Auslifter

    Arecoline Hydrobromide?

    Massive bro's don't want to believe me. Kai Greene wouldn't put a dangerous ingredient in his pre workout!!! ;) Anyone got studies about it? That prove its not safe? mr.cooper69
  3. Auslifter

    CRL-40940 (Flmodafinil) Feedback and Discussion?

    Really been considering picking some up to try, sounds like it would be perfect for me i work sales right now and long hours on phones.
  4. Auslifter

    One Cheeky Ultimate-T Log m8. while leaning down

    G'day mates, decided to start up a nifty little log of my run with USP Labs new test booster, Ultimate-T. I was one of the first to get picked to trial a bottle however, upon realizing my location there were issues but seeing as though Im a cheeky knt they were happy to go through with it ;)...
  5. Auslifter

    Terminalia Arjuna and Performance with Ashwagandha

    Really interested in seeing this used in some products in the future, honestly sounds pretty promising from these studies i have been looking at and I would love to learn more so i decided to start a thread if anyone else is interested to. stacked with Ashwagandha would be awesome. Effects...
  6. Auslifter

    Anyone used Sphaeranthus indicus?

    Test boosting, GDA/Fat burner/Stim. saw some in bulk as a 5% extract on ebay had never heard of it before. found this interesting to couldn't post links to the study ht tp:// examine. com/ supplements/ Sphaeranthus+indicus
  7. Auslifter

    Anyone tried Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable?

    came out today here in Aus. two flavors, mango strawberry and orange. tempted to try want to see if there's anyfeed back first
  8. Auslifter

    Analyzed Goodies arrived today

    Had first dose of T-Alatus pwo today. when should I take Chloro? If im correct i think it's morning + pre bed, was wondering if it would be a good idea pre excited to see how these go :)
  9. Auslifter

    New Alphamine Flavor down under das it mane
  10. Auslifter

    Crocus sativus L. (Saffron) , Mr Cooper enter pls

    inb4 inside future PES product. GDA, b2 agonist, sleep aid, anxiolytic activity, NO Booster, Improved memory and learning, Saffron has been widely used throughout the world due to its innumerable effect on the human body as a spice and as a folk medicine, to treat the nervous system...
  11. Auslifter

    AusLifter's BLR Transformation Follidrone Log

    Today i will be starting my "Transformation" with BLR Follidrone. I got my package today and am exited to get after it. My goal is to complete this cut, while maintaining my current strength as well as increasing it. along with seeing small increases in LBM/Faster fat loss. I have been using...
  12. Auslifter

    PES TechNO what have we here

    what is this lol TechNO
  13. Auslifter

    New GDA? Arabidopsis thaliana extract (Mr coop pls)

    found new gda inb4 in the new pes gda lol (idk)
  14. Auslifter

    Mxxz's MyoSynergy Log - Recomping to a shredded 500lb cow

    Hey whats up guys, i just got my order of MyoSynergy from Nutra so i decided to share my experience with it as a log here to help you decide if you want to try it or not. so here it is the stash of peace. i will be running it solo for the most part, but have allot of other goodies to throw in...
  15. Auslifter

    L-carnitine L-tartrate worthless for endurance, fat loss?

    Alan Aragon posted this, article about it.. Effects of four weeks L-carniti... [Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI any thoughts
  16. Auslifter

    PES's New Pre Workout discussion Enhanced V2!?

    So its well known now that there is a new Pre workout on the horizon from PES. lets hear some info, and speculate on what it could be. and what you personally would like to see. and do you think it will hold its ground once DS release Frenzy? hoping to see something innovative but never before...
  17. Auslifter

    LOL is this the poverty Anabeta Elite?

    throw in forskolin and some basic anabeta lol
  18. Auslifter

    Komodo Katana was legit (Review)

    I got my tub in the mail today, alongside genomyx amp citrate caps. and was pretty exited after reading all of the reviews, and i can say for sure now it was no joke. heres what i noticed most from it. 30mins in i felt it slowly kick, and i was in a very very good mood, focused and generally...
  19. Auslifter

    Glycerol monostearate and Hypertrophy Mr Coop Pls rspnd

    Wanting to learn more about Glycerol, or Micronized GMS. Always stayed away from it from hearing its negative effects towards hypertrophy temporarily wanting to try Katana or High volume lol but still not sure. i had glycergrow once and hated it felt sick. had hemavol and liked it, but kind of...
  20. Auslifter

    ArA Sides tingly hands numbness worried lol

    I ended my ArA Run today, but during my workout i noticed something was horribly wrong like as if i was avoiding training i had the same feeling after training yesterday, had a cluster headache but was fine 3 hours after took some magnesium. iv been on for 74 days now so like 5-6 bottles i still...