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  1. Are big testicles attractive to women?

    Trust me, you want to wreck your testicles so they stay small. Worst thing in the world is waking up, going to shoot a deuce and having your clackers drag in the toilet water.
  2. Answered Announcement Insider

    Maybe EF can just garnish our paychecks and cut out the middle man
  3. Sleeping supplement

    Ive used somatomax it works for sure and I always get more deep sleep than usual when I take it but I wake up groggy lasting a good hour or two after waking.
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    Did not disappoint. Best dosed 1 and 4 Andro for the money I've ever seen except for powdered maybe.
  5. Chicken and it's nutritional values broken down

    Well I guess you guys got me
  6. Chicken and it's nutritional values broken down

    What I've always wondered is why are eggs different than chicken.
  7. Vaccine, anyone?

    Thank you. They were both parents of childhood friends, so they weren't super close to me, but people I've known for a long time.
  8. Vaccine, anyone?

    I know two people who died of covid.
  9. laxo safe???

    I vaguely remember reading something about laxogennin contributing to kidney enlargement but I would generally assume it's safe enough to run a couple months at a time with time off. The real thing with laxo isn't safety it's that quality varies wildly between brands and batches.
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    Nice! Spliced is probably the best pump product I've ever used hopefully the new one is even better.
  11. Answered Announcement Insider

    Any hints on the new ef products?
  12. Strongest Legal Cycle?

    Probably td 1andro and td androsterone would fit the bill, just know that it won't be life-changing. What's the situation though? Because if it's probation or a halfway house or something like that, I wouldn't do anything, legal or not because the last thing you need is questions. If it's for a...
  13. Hexadrone + 11KT + Androsterone + Epi-Andro

    You're running the exact stack I'll be running in June, I hope you get well soon but I'm excited to see your results!
  14. Motorcycles? Anyone else?

    Sick KTM my guy!
  15. PRE Adrenosterone or Enhanced Formulations 11-Lean

    Enhanced is legit. All their products are great, I wish they had more brand presence here, I feel like they could be pretty popular.
  16. The New Product Release Thread

    Glad to know it isn't just me! Ghost rtd's never seem to get really cold unless I put it in the freezer for half an hour before I drink it.
  17. Bye bye to Sarms

    Wes 2024! Make America swole.
  18. Epi andro solo and alcohol

    Will you live? Yes. But i would avoid getting drunk for sure, even though epiandro is pretty easy on your body, why add the extra stress? Not to mention the negative effects alcohol has on your gains in general. Why epiandro solo though?
  19. Respect Caffeine! It's dangerous!

    Remember when 300mg in a preworkout was considered crazy and pushing the limits? Now it's the normal minimum you see. I use caffeine powder all the time though, just weight out 100-200mg on my scale and add it into bcaas or some juice, not a big coffee guy and it's cheaper than energy drinks or...
  20. Sleeping supplement

    Valerian root pills can help, so can some basic melatonin or about 3 grams of gaba. Like BigT said, Somatomax works like nothing I have ever tried, but I can sleep like 10 hours after taking it and still wake up tired, plus it has phenibut, so you don't want to take it expect for when you really...