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  1. Placing my self in Bobo's Hell err Hands 2-20-2005

    Bobo: :whip: :nono: :smite: You: :rant: :frustrate :sick: Results: Priceless looking forward to the progress bro
  2. favorite cheats

    used to be all the usuals, pizza, junk food ice cream etc... lately a bit of scotch is all i need
  3. ESPN is now officially SPIN MEDIA

    actually felt bad for weider being put in that awkward situation, made me feel like they were trying to blame peoples' increasing awareness with pro sports steroid use solely on bodybuilding culture, like at this point it's somehow separate and/or worse. unfortunate too that, as usual there are...
  4. ESPN is now officially SPIN MEDIA

    grab ya the BottomLine prog and just run it on the pc, no need to even visit that BS station anymore... no more NFL Countdown anyway :D I was shocked at the stance taken in the piece as well, had much the same reaction
  5. Enjoy

    he looks truly ridiculous, thank you for sharing that Bobo :D
  6. favorite Arnie movie

    "It's naaht ah doomah!" True Lies/Predator
  7. Knee's

    I would lean towards Beelzebub's advice as well, for all the obvious reasons, but if you feel like you *have* to I would stick to cycling rather than even light jogging, as that seems most likely to me to provide the least impactful movement... gotta reiterate taking it easy though, knees/elbows...
  8. Chat Room

    we do need to get that up and running again I think, make it happen Pete! :D
  9. Wanted to introduce myself

    :frustrate :D welcome aboard bro, couldn't have picked a better place
  10. 26lbs shed in 2 months - before and after pics

    fucking three cheers for you man, those are some serious results!
  11. Trying to lose bf%!

    good luck man, you sound dedicated and Bobo will never steer you wrong :thumbsup:
  12. Bobo's new challenge

    :box: awesome bro, looking forward to this :D (although believe it man, you're definitely NOT small)
  13. Start drooling....

  14. Rakey is Back!!!!!

    damn, I remember that thing... it haunts my dreams. :blink: sup bitch?! good to see another old bud, hope you'll be sticking around! :thumbsup:
  15. I am such a n00b....

    LG you bitch! good to see you around bro :)
  16. Hello...newbie here!

    welcome to this crazy corner of ours Crystal, and yes that is a great pic! I'm sure you'll be very satisfied with the massive amount of useful info and knowledgable, helpful folks around here :thumbsup:
  17. What Do Dem's need to do...

    believe you're referring to this
  18. new pumped up pic of me

    awesome delts/bi's sucka! :)
  19. How many of you guys drink the diet sodas?

    soda, meh... really haven't been into it much at all lately, although I do like the gallon size Arizona Diet Green Tea, good stuff there
  20. Bobo's new challenge

    ... 225? jesus bro, eat something... eat everything, hell... skinny bastard :D