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  1. Danes

    The end for Hi-Tech?

    Is this the sign of "The End" for Hi-Tech or does that company just want new equipment ? Admin, please move this thread if this is wrong section
  2. Danes

    Primeval Labs RKT-GH

    Any Primeval Labs reps here who can answer my questions? I am interested in Your RKT-GH but if that is the real Rikkunsh|to as prescribed in japan, it seems underdosed. The Orginal Rikkunsh|to has a daily dose of 7.5g and Your is 2g. Another thing, since Rikkunsh|to (orginal) contain solid...
  3. Danes

    Tomatidine (potent natural anabolic?)

    Tomatidine is a steroidal alkaloid found in skins and leaves of tomatoes which can : -Increase skeletal muscle mTORC1 signaling -Reduce skeletal muscle atrophy -Enhanced recovery -Stimulate skeletal muscle hypertrophy, and increase strength and exercise capacity...
  4. Danes

    UK Trading

    I want to trade those supps for Biotest Micro-PA and Indigo 3G. -2x SNS GlycoPhase -1 and almost 1/2 bottle (39 caps,while 45 is half bottle) of SNS Inhibit E -2x (and extra 34 caps) Evomuse BMP -1x Muscletech Plasma Muscle -3x (almost 4, just 28 caps missing) bottles of Nutrex Anabol 5 SNS...
  5. Danes

    Tongkat Ali LJ100

    I promised to Write about LJ100 and here is some information that is useful to know. For those who dont know what LJ100 is, it is actually patent pended Tongkat Ali extract standardized to 40% Glyco Saponins, 28% Eurypeptides, 30% Polysacharides, and 0.8% Eurycomanone. So, What makes LJ100 so...
  6. Danes

    UK CEL EpiPlex,Nutrex Anabol5 and Muscletech Plasma Muscle

    I am selling 3 bottles of CEL EpiPlex, 2 bottles of Plasma Muscle and almost 3 full bottles of Anabol5. The reason I am selling is, I am tired of all supps. Lol PA,HMB FA and other I had has been sold. I have sent to USA before without any problems and I can pay shipping :)
  7. Danes

    Focus XT vs G Force

    G Fuel vs Focus XT G Fuel and Focus XT are both products aimed at increasing reflexes, brain function, productivity and performance through unique blends of nootropics and energy providing ingredients; however which product packs the biggest punch? That answer can be found in the ingredient...
  8. Danes

    IronChamp USA HPTA

    I have 7 unopened boxes of HPTA by IronChamp USA which I would like to trade. Anyone want to buy them or trade to some other Products?:) Admin , sorry, i tried to find the Trading Thread but could not find it:(
  9. Danes

    Huge thanks to USPlabsRep and USPlabs :)

    Today, I got a nice care package from USP Labs:) HUGE thanks to UspLabsRep who sent this nice package containing 2x Ultimate T and a nice t-shirt:) I wanted to pay for the shipping since I live in Norway, but he didnt wanted :) Bloodwork will be done after 2 months and it will be fun to see how...
  10. Danes

    Love of SNS / Mw1 <3

    Hi my friends, First of all, I want to say I have always been a fan of SNS and SNS reps are polite, helpful and good people. They have many good products such as x-gels, phenibut, Reduce XT, inhibit-E, growth factor XT and many more. The price is amazing combined with a good quality:) I want...
  11. Danes

    Iron Legion Triumphalis

    Hi guys My friend bought Triumphalis by Iron Legion and the caps are red. Its not the first time he is running it. The first time the caps was white. Fake or?
  12. Danes


    Hi guys i have a question about Methyldiazirinol products. Olympus Labs Triumphalis Direction: 3-4 caps daily (20mg each cap)=60-80mg iron Legion Tr1umph Direction: 2-3 caps daily (15mg each cap)30-45mg Its big difference as u can see! Is iron legion caps underdosed?
  13. Danes

    BLR Follidrone

    "Due to its bitter flavor, epicatechin is often removed from common cocoa products" I opened 1 cap of follidrone and tried to taste the powder. I am damn sensitive on things that are bitter but the follidrone powder was not bitter at all. It looks and taste like Flour. Does it contain...
  14. Danes

    What could Cause this

    Hey :) I usually use to write on forum but it seems like there are many good guys here too:) (many from forum too). Right now, I am running: -SNS bulbine -Biotest Phosphatidic Acid -Olympus Labs Str3ngth (laxogenin) Great stack and I am really seeing results like: Strength...
  15. Danes

    Hello to everyone

    I just want to say hello to everyone and I hope you guys/girls are fine!