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  1. rodefeeh

    High Cholesterol / Statin feedback

    First off, I'm natty, about to turn 40, 5'11'', 181 lbs, 9-10% bodyfat. I just came off a pretty intense cut for two months and had my bloodwork done right after it ended. My bad cholesterol LDL was through the roof - 233. It was at 176 a couple years ago. My HDL and Triglycerides are both...
  2. rodefeeh

    Vicious Labs Demon Drops (DMAA) Review

    I was given a bottle of Vicious Labs Demon Drops from @xR1pp3Rx . These are capsules of DMAA. Each one contains 25mg. I'm a pretty big fan of DMAA. In the past I used Nutrex Hemo Rage Black, BPI 1MR, APS Mesomorph, Vein Nutrition Rupture - all the DMAA versions. I loved them all and got...
  3. rodefeeh

    SNS VasoForce XT sample review

    I was fortunate to receive 5 sample servings of the new SNS VasoForce XT. I used it for a few different workouts in a couple different situations. I normally work out first thing in the morning. I was also able to get in a midday workout using this. I can say that the pumps were better...
  4. rodefeeh

    Unanswered SNS Thermagize XT Sample Review

    Thanks to the guys at Serious Nutrition Solutions for the SNS Thermagize XT samples. I got six capsules to try out. Here's the profile. Here's a little bit about myself. I am 38 and have been lifting since I was a teenager. I am no stranger to high stim PWOs but shy away from anything that...
  5. rodefeeh

    Controlled Labs Orange Gutbac Log

    Thanks to @Hyde I got one of the first bottles of Orange Gutbac to try out. I'm 38 and have been lifting since I was a teenager. I hopped on board the probiotic train about 2 years ago now. I can be very irregular with bad gas. Lately I've been feeling bloated too while eating at maintenance...
  6. rodefeeh

    EGGS are bad for you - article Anybody see this article? 3-4 eggs a day have increased chance of heart disease and early death. Study seems legit. That’s how many eggs I eat when I’m not dieting. Looks like I should cut back. I’ve been...
  7. rodefeeh

    Viscious Labs Blood Drive Log

    I was fortunate enough to win a bottle of Viscious Labs Blood Drive, their GDA, via an AM promo. I'm going log how Blood Drive treats me over the next few weeks until I get a feel for the supplement. I ended my bulk early this year and have just started a somewhat of a recomp for the next 2-3...
  8. rodefeeh

    Double scooping Animal Fury

    Not sure the rules for naming other sites so I'll leave out the name. Bored at work, so I was clicking around a supplement site and found myself on the Animal Fury product page. I proceeded to read some reviews. And I sh!t you not, 3 out of the first 11 reviews talked about double scooping...
  9. rodefeeh

    GDA after a meal?

    Any benefits on taking a GDA after a meal. For example, you end up eating out for dinner and you still want to splurge. Could you come home right after the meal, take your GDA while still feeling full and still reap some benefits from it. For those of you who have been to Cincinnati, I had a...
  10. rodefeeh

    USA FS/FT Flexatril

    I didn’t pay attention to the expiration dates on my Flexatril. I have several with expiration dates of 01/2019 & 02/2019. I’d trade for well dosed or high stim PWOs (no yohimbe), GDAs, or protein powder.
  11. rodefeeh

    BuildFastFormula VasoBLITZ Review

    I just completed a log of BuildFastFormula VasoBLITZ on another site. Here were my final thoughts from that log: • Endurance benefits will be seen in first workout. • Benefits definitely build over time and reach their peak at 2 weeks. • Best pumps are felt at 2 week mark. Pumps will be...
  12. rodefeeh

    Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash review

    Thanks to the CL guys for the free tub of Orange Brainwash - Sour Apple Punch that I got via a promo. Here's the formula. I'm not going to go through each ingredient. But just know that this supplement is PACKED with mood enhancing, focus boosting ingredients all at the right doses. Here...
  13. rodefeeh

    Strength Band Accident - anchor broke

    So this happened to me this morning. If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to get caned, then just have a strength band hit you at 100 mph. That will take your breath away. The pic of my back does not do my welt justice. Now I know why people have their bare back slapped before...
  14. rodefeeh

    Vein Nutrition Trustim Review

    Thanks for the guys at Vein for hooking me up with a tub of TruStim through a promo, much appreciated. Taste/Mixability - Directions suggest 8-10 oz water. It mixes fine with this amount. The powder is very fine. The Summer Popsicle taste is somewhat weak. I did 1.5 scoops in 8 oz and it...
  15. rodefeeh

    Gaspari Hyperamino - Fruit Punch

    I was lucky enough to win a tub Gaspari Hyperamino - Fruit Punch. The first use was as an intraworkout supplement. I normally like 300mg caffeine for my workout. So I chose to go lower stim preworkout and 1 scoop HyperAmino intraworkout. I mixed it in 32 oz water. Surprisingly it was tasty...
  16. rodefeeh

    Planet Fitness - NYE Sponsor

    Anybody watching NYE on ABC? I'm seriously getting pissed with all this planet fitness garbage - hats with "judgement free" - give me a break. Of course they advertised about their free pizza.
  17. rodefeeh

    Doctor Said No Creatine

    I just switched doctors and got my blood test results today. This might be my first ever blood test. He said my Creatinine levels were high and that my liver enzymes were up and should not take Creatine. What gives? I thought creatine was proven safe to use. I haven't even taken Creatine on...
  18. rodefeeh


    Thanks to the guys at Iron Forged Nutrition for sending my a sample of Contraband, their new preworkout. I used my sample today for a German Volume Training chest/back workout today. I got plenty of sleep so that I could properly judge this PWO. 10:45am protein smoothie - 25g whey, 10oz skim...
  19. rodefeeh

    Core Fury Sample Review

    This review has been a long time coming so my apologies for the delay. I woke up this morning on 7 hours of sleep. I had my sample packet of Core Fury (1.5 servings) mixed with 12 oz of water at 6:00am. At 6:20 I had 25g whey shake and a few grapes. At 6:40 I started a 45 minutes shoulder...
  20. rodefeeh

    Some Summertime SuperSizing

    The guys at Athletic Xtreme were generous enough to send me a free 30 serving bottle of Supersize which I will be reviewing in this log. My goal during this log will be to get back some of the strength I have lost over the summer while doing my serious triathlon training. I’m not really looking...