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    Systenhance results....

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    If 1-Test is "700% more anabolic" than Test, why don't the Pros use it?

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    Workout Music

    Depends on your sonic preferences, and how heavy a sound needed for stimulation.. Examples: Melodic/Goth Metal: Apocalyptica, Epica, The Birthday Massacre, Nightwish Dirty Vocals-type metal: The Devil Wears Prada, Bless The Fall, Bullet for my Valentine, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God Heavy...
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    PGCL - any info

    I'll bring this up from the dead.. ;) I'm on PGCL at the moment, 40mcg 2x daily.. Pros! - The dose doesn't hurt at all - The muscle dosed tends to look pumped for days after - My waist is starting to shrink, being diabetic this tends to be my hardest spot to lean out Cons! - Weird taste in...
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    LG Receptor and other receptor clean-up products....

    The science behind it is flawed, that's been proven many times over.. Androgen receptors don't get "dirty", they just lose sensitivity over time.. Here's some real science, not some "Bro, it worked for me!" bullshit.. Androgen regulation of satellite cell function -- Chen et al. 186 (1): 21...
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    Grunt happens to be Da Man when it comes to peptides.. ;) I didn't use it with Lr3.. It stung in the site (calves), and I didn't notice much while on, not until I was done pretty much like Lr3.. I don't even remember much of that, it was barely a 2wk trial dose, I can't remember if it was 10...
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    Rambo Iv

    Ray Tango: Rambo, is a pussy! :D
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    Rambo Iv

    Aside form all the damn psycho-babble, Rambo was a good movie.. It was graphic, it touched on a subject we never really think about, and it wasn't all just him killing everyone.. :thumbsup: Collateral and The Departed were dramas that happen to have action scenes, shouldn't even consider them...
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    Gina Carano is an American Gladiator

    Beth Horn! Man, well, there's no adult section to explain the thoughts I've had of her.. ;) :ntome: Gina's knockers are real, I forget where she mentioned it, if I find the interview I'll post it.. I believe Maxim or Stuff asked.. EDIT: They look real to me, and where's said gut?
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    I got afew bottles of ephedra products in the mail recently thru my work, I'll be lean and mean for a good 10yrs.. ;)
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    Aromatase Inhibitor and Anabolic Pump

    Ass speculation sounds like a movie I've rented.. :D AI's only block further conversion of test to estrogen.. If you had alot of estrogen circulating, it'll still be there until your liver metabolizes it..
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    Aromatase Inhibitor and Anabolic Pump

    There's still circulating estrogen, so it seems that if estrogen was crushed (by way of aromatase inhibition) if there's very little OH-estrogens left it would be a problem.. Remember, it's estrone and estradiol that are the ones we don't need.. ;)
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    Aromatase Inhibitor and Anabolic Pump

    I've never seen any data on resveratrol lowering estrogen.. A better choice would be either DIM or I3C..
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    Ever wanted to try USPLabs-NutraPlanet has a HUGE sale-

    PowerFULL and Super Cissus Rx for me.. ;)
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    Can insulin be purchased OTC?

    It's state dependent, some you need to jump thru hoops, others will hand you some Humulin-r no questions asked..
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    USPLabs Looking For a New Online Representative

    :pose: We aims to please.. :ntome:
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    BPF doubles the dose!! Pro-Anabol log

    I started out during my show prep running [email protected] 3caps.. Week 3 I added in Restore 3caps, then at wk4 for the Restore I added BAM 2caps.. I added the Pro-Anabol on wk 3 of BAM while boosting the BAM to 4caps.. Once the BAM ran out I stayed with the Pro-Anabol.. Never used Anagen or Ebol..
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    Newsarticle in Dutch Sport and Fitness: Jungle Warfare contains methyl-atd and roids!

    You ain't seen my log? Wait, that sounds wrong.. :eek: Here's a better idea.. YouTube - Pro-Anabol pt.2
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    Newsarticle in Dutch Sport and Fitness: Jungle Warfare contains methyl-atd and roids!

    Pro-Anabol is too much fun while wearin' pants.. :) :ntome:
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    Risk your Avatar and Braggin' Rights with Your Best Lifts

    Maybe, I did manage to ATG squat 525 for 2 @ 188lbs 2wks out from my show in May.. I was dizzy thru the weekend, never again on such low carbs.. :eek: So far I only do incline bench to 335, deads 405, and squat 450 and I barely go high anymore because of the nerve damage in the left side of my...