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  1. sikdogg

    Is the Man Cave really worth it?

    FYI... Dr. John = Dr. Crisler
  2. sikdogg

    Once Weekly versus E3D injections

    The half-life of test cyp is less than 10 days... i've read comments from several doctors including Dr. C that the half-life for cyp is closer to 7-8 days and Fizer (who produces Depo-Testosterone for TRT) claims a half-life of ~8 days. Assuming that this is true versus what is circulating on...
  3. sikdogg

    LH and libido

    The only reason you would want to raise LH is because it will raise test levels... this is where the rise in libido comes from. Not from LH by itself.
  4. sikdogg

    LH and libido

    No that's not what i said... LH doesn't have a direct affect on libido, it affects libido indirectly via T and E levels. The original post was directly relating LH to libido which is not necessarily true.
  5. sikdogg

    LH and libido

    I don't believe that LH has anything to do with libdo... it is just a signal to the testes telling it to produce testosterone.
  6. sikdogg

    LH and libido

    I agree... low e2 is a relative term which differs from one person to the next doesn't necessarily affect LH or t levels. Lower e2, relative to one's baseline, will increase LH.
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    ASPIRE36 LOL i just want to. . .

    Are you kidding?? At $2.50 per capsule + shipping, it's hardly a poor man's Viagra. I get generic Cialis tabs for $.75 each... they work about the same as Aspire for alot less. If Palo Alto Labs can get the price down to under $1 per pill then it would be worth buying... That said, i have to...
  8. sikdogg

    Debating Trenbolone Cycle Need Reliable Info.

    That cycle should be called the the "I'm stupid and want to kill my liver cycle"... if that's the kind of cycles you run, then you shouldn't be giving advice.
  9. sikdogg

    Sherk passes lie detector test

    Deca... :fool2:
  10. sikdogg

    Sherk keeps belt, BJ vs Joe Daddy for interim belt

    If i recall correctly... GSP barely won a decision over Penn when they fought. Penn didn't get manhandled by GSP... in fact looking at both their faces at the end of the fight, you would have though Penn won.
  11. sikdogg

    Chuck vs Wandy Official Dec. 29!

    I don't understand what the big deal with this fight is... chuck has lost his last two fights and he doesn't deserve this chance for a big fight. I'd rather see Silva fight someone like Rampage or Henderson again... i'd even prefer to see Silva fight Forrest Griffin than Liddell.
  12. sikdogg

    New Pheromone Concept

    I think you missed the point of what the text was saying... We all produce are several different types of pheromones (androstenol, androstenone, and androsterone to name a few...) and each pheromone contains certain characteristics that elicit a specific effect on women. When the text mentions...
  13. sikdogg

    Brutal Pride Fight (Fyre vs Takayama)

    I love Frye... outweighed by 70lbs and he goes toe-to-toe with the guy. He's an animal.
  14. sikdogg

    UFC 74 card

    The GG vs Couture is a good match to watch, but it doesn't favor Couture. If i recall correctly, Couture has had alot of problems with HW grapplers. In the GG vs Crocop fight Couture even admitted that Crocop is a better match for him than GG. I hope that GSP pounds the crap out of Kos... Oh...
  15. sikdogg

    Aspire36 Preferred Customer Program?

    That "sick deal" breaks down to a little over $2 per pill. I can get generic Cialis tabs for less than half that price. I did buy one bottle of Aspire just to try it out and i must admit that it does work well... about as good as Cialis. If the price point was closer to what i pay for Cialis...
  16. sikdogg

    Bruce Lee: Legend or Myth?

    Regardless of how good an actual fighter he was or how good of an actor he was... I think that he was the grandfather of MMA as his whole martial art paradigm was based on effectiveness. He didn't care where a particular technique or movement came from, if it worked for him then he made it part...
  17. sikdogg

    DIM for estrogen control

    Excuse me for being ignorant... but what is I-3-C??
  18. sikdogg

    UFC 69 Picks Contest

    If that ever happens then i think the universe will implode on itself...
  19. sikdogg

    UFC 69 Picks Contest

    My thoughts exactly....
  20. sikdogg

    UFC 69 Picks Contest

    I'm really looking forward to this fight as well... I'm not a big fan of either one but i think that Sanchez will be too much for Kos. Kos has pretty good hands but Sanchez' hands has been real surprising in his last few fights. On the ground it's going to be all Sanchez... Kos has good wrstling...