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  1. doogans

    EpiChaos by Apex Alchemy

    Hey all, I was given the oppurinty to try out Apex Alchemy's transdermal epicatechin product, EpiChaos. A few quick stats: 31 years old 163lbs 5'9 Body fat % is unknown but I'd probably guess 12% I'll be applying 10 sprays of EpiChaos each morning. I train around 5pm and I follow a semi strict...
  2. doogans

    The official Egg Thread

    Eggs. Hard boiled, raw, scrambled, over easy, poached, pickled, omelettes, etc. Staring this thread to see how y'all enjoy your eggs. Being a versatile food during any phase of muscle building and/or fat loss, I figured it would be great for people to share their unique egg recipes for all...
  3. doogans

    Suppremacy issues

    Last Thursday placed an order in Suppremacy and my credit card was charged yet my order has been stuck in the dreaded "awaiting fulfilment" stage. After multiple phone calls I was unable to reach any company representative and even left a voice mail. I guess the "ships same day" tag line us...
  4. doogans

    Crossfit Games 2018 Ban

    For those of you interested, and in case you haven't heard the news the other week... Just an interesting official release as to what these competitors were "accidentally" ingesting.
  5. doogans

    Tips and Tricks to Shredded at the Beach?

    So now that summer is offically here, lets get a little superficial. Do any of you have any pre-beach day routines for looking the best you possibly can while at the beach? Some say it's good to carb up the day before, others like to take natural diuretics to look extra lean. What is your...
  6. doogans

    CEL Epi-Plex legit?

    I'm hoping a rep can help me out with this one. I recently purchased a bottle of Epi-plex and the lot and expiration date is not printed ok the bottle. Instead it's on a white sticker on the bottom of the bottle. This is different than the 3 other bottles I have ran and I'm curious if this is...
  7. doogans

    Keep the cut going?

    I've been cutting for a few months and still chasing that shredded look for summer time but I just can't manage to get the abs to show fully. I'm counting calories and losing scale weight with adequate protein intake and a stable weight training program yet the far loss has stalled around my...
  8. doogans

    How do you mentally survive a cut?

    Hey all, I'm about a month into a cut and this is the first time I'm determined to get lean enough to fully see my abs in natural daylight(not just flexing under good lighting in the bathroom mirror). My diet and training is in check and the weight is coming off but I was looking at a picture a...
  9. doogans

    Transdermal Epicatechin?

    Hey all, so I'm back on another (-)-epicatechin kick and this time using Epi-Plex. I'm about 5 days in and have been either splitting the dose up or taking 2 pills pre workout foe the acute effects. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any transdermal epi products that are still on the market. I'm...
  10. doogans

    Xtend vs Purple Wraath

    Hey all, kicking around the idea of introducing an intra workout amino acid drink into my routine. Just something to make fasted training sessions a little more enjoyable. I've narrowed it down to these two products (both of which I've used in the past). What are your thoughts on a...
  11. doogans

    Doogans recomps with Follidrone 2.0(A lazy log)

    Hey all, going to start a lazy log where I post periodic updates on my attempt at recomping with Follidrone 2.0. There has been some serious hype about this product so hopefully I'll be able to shed some light on my experience with it. The set up: 3 caps FD 2.0 daily. 1 cap AM and 2 pre...
  12. doogans

    Rebirth as PCT for mild PH?

    The last time I did any hormonal compound was a Halodrol run with 4 weeks of Torem for PCT. Got some weird vision side effects that scared me a bit. Recently I've been seeing favorable reviews on BLRs Rebirth as both a standalone and a part of PCT. Since then I haven't messed with anything...
  13. doogans

    Optimal dosing of SL and Epicatechin?

    I've been running Fearn soy lecitihin granules for a while now. I dose it around an hour pre workout and have had no major GI issues at 3 tablespoons(although I do feel quite full some days). I just picked up a bottle of Ep1c Unleashed and will be running it 2 caps pwo and one cap on off...
  14. doogans

    Lazy Ep1c Unleashed Log

    So I've decided to log for Ep1c Unleashed and I'm using the term "log" very loosely. I figured doing a log on this stuff might give me a little extra motivation and accountability to reach my goals. Between work and pursuing other ventures to further my career, I wont have time to be detailed in...
  15. doogans

    Girls who lift.

    Okay guys so here's the deal. I met a girl who is into the whole bodybuilding and training lifestyle. She preps all her meals, trains twice per day, and competes in figure competitions. She doesn't drink and is wrapped up in the Instagram fitness community. I went on numerous dates with her...
  16. doogans

    Hair loss possible on ABE?

    Just curious if anyone has experienced any hair loss/ shedding on ABE. Apparently some users suggested a correlation between Forskolin and/or 7-keto DHEAand increased hair loss(stumbled upon this in a different forum). I know correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation, but feel free to...
  17. doogans

    Most Transformative Supplement

    If you had to list one single supplement (can be multi-ingredient) that changed your physique the most(assuming diet and training are in check), what would it be? Please exclude PH/DS from your responses.
  18. doogans

    Optimal Ep1c dosing?

    I'm on my second run of Ep1c and this time was considering 2 pills on non-workout days. Anyone notice any difference with this dosing as opposed to 1 pill on off days?
  19. doogans

    Olympus Labs Conqu3r color?!

    Just received a tub of Conqu3r stim free. Its the wicked melon flavor and the color when mixed with water is a dirty gray. Is this normal or is it supposed to be red like vital1ty? I already drank a serving so let's hope I don't die.
  20. doogans

    Bulking Season Stack!

    Hey all, within the next few weeks I'll be beginning my winter bulk. My goal is to gain ~10 pounds of (mostly) lean mass. Obviously this will be very very difficult without the use of anabolics but I'm at least going to make an attempt. I have the following supplements but am still toying...