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  1. sikdogg

    DIM for estrogen control

    I've read on several boards where guys on TRT are using an OTC product called DIM to keep estro down in lieu of dex.
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    Where's the search button??

    I just noticed that it gone... :wtf: Definitely gonna make research more difficult...
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    Anyone familiar with this compound (17b-Hydroxy-7a-methylestr-4-en-3-one)?? I saw this recently on a well known/trusted research site and wanted to know if anyone has any experience with it... I saw BigCat's profile on it but the chemical structure on BigCat's write-up looks different.
  4. sikdogg

    Short Cycles

    I've been reading up about short cycles and think that it has merit. In the past, i've generally run 12 to 16 week cycles and found recovery to be long and slow. That said, i'm thinking about running 3 short cycles back-to-back (4 on 4 off) instead of one long cycle. I'm planning on starting...
  5. sikdogg

    Ansomone GH

    Has anyone ever heard of this brand of GH. I can get it for dirt cheap but never heard of it.
  6. sikdogg

    Reconstituting IGF-1 with white vinegar

    Here's some interesting reading from RedBaron... this was a repost on the AnabolicReview board.
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    GH Questions

    I've been thinking about trying GH and have been doing alot of reading up on it on this and other boards. So far from what i've read it takes a good 9-12 weeks before one can expect to see any real anabolic benefits from GH. Since GH derives alot of its effects from increased IGF-1 levels would...
  8. sikdogg

    Long Acting HGH

    Anyone every come across this... SupraHGH (HGH) SUPRA 1 kit/22.5mg (Long Acting HGH, Only Need Inject Once A Month) I've never considered running GH due to the ED injects but if i can do once a month injects, then i'm all over it.
  9. sikdogg

    My Results so far...

    Just want to say thanks to Bobo... Here's my before and after pics. The first one was taken on June 20 of this year and the second was taken on Sept 18 (3 months). My wife and I have been very happy with my my progress. Work has been a pain in my side during the last 3 months and has caused...
  10. sikdogg

    Sikdogg's Weightloss Log

    OK bro's, here's my log. I started with Bobo last week but wanted to take the first week to settle in and get a feel for the diet and workout routine before posting my log. So far so good, the diet isn't half bad and is very doable. I think that i can definitely stay on this for the next 8...
  11. sikdogg

    Myostatin Antibodies ?

    Anyone ever hear of myostatin antibodies used for muscle building?? I ran across this on another board. "...They bind to myostatin and therefore blocks it. It has resulted in incredible muscle mass gain on animal. It's still under research. It has been said human can already get treatment in...
  12. sikdogg

    More Prolactin = less orgasms

    I ran into this article about a fairly new drug called Cabergoline. This drug is similar to bromo in that it blocks prolactin. According to this article, prolactin is the cause for killing your libido after ejaculating. By blocking prolactin, you are able to get it up sooner and go for seconds...
  13. sikdogg

    Striant for HRT

    Anyone ever heard of Striant?? It's some type of sublingual for HRT.
  14. sikdogg

    Need Help With Synovex-to-Test

    I read Jweave's post on the conversion and it looked simple enough, thought i'd give it a try. I ordered Synovex-H online and got two bottles of Heet (yellow bottles), Red Devil Lye, and 3 one gallon glass jars. Got everything together, poured Heet into a large 1gal jar and dumped in the syno...
  15. sikdogg

    BDC 1,4-Diol

    Has anyone tried BDC's 1,4-Diol? I saw it at PowerNutrition and was thinking about adding it to my next stack. Does anyone know how it compares to 1,4-Andro? In BC's prohormone article he speculated that 1,4-Diol could surpass most prohormones including 1-AD.
  16. sikdogg

    Mad props to 1Fast and BDC

    I know this has been said before but you just can't say enough about their great service. Last thursday I bought a bunch of stuff, getting ready for my next cycle. I bought T-Gel from BDC, PH powders from 1Fast, Clomid and Nolva from Liqua-Sol, and protein powders from some other site to save...
  17. sikdogg

    Testosterone Cypionate Transdermal

    I'm pretty new to transdermals and was wondering if it was possible to mix up a batch with Testosterone Cypionate instead of using PH? I love the gains i've gotten from test but tired of needles.