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  1. DEVANS89

    Unanswered Muscle minds podcast - pre/intra nutrition topic with Scott Stevenson(fortitude training)

    Pretty good podcast and topic, listened to some of it at work, could help people in this forum as they speak about pre/intra supps
  2. DEVANS89

    Unanswered Preworkout formula battle;

    Ok, so as we get a lot of traffic on the boards and a lot of people always asking about preworkouts, I figured we could make a fun way of helping others and ourselves out when it comes to picking one.. It’s simple, stick between two pres? Get a picture of both labels, crop out anything that...
  3. DEVANS89

    Unanswered Kris Gethin- kaged muscle trainers ;

    Just downloaded the app looking at the programs anyone run one? How did you get on etc Last one I did was one of his old DTP programs And it was fun as hell
  4. DEVANS89

    Unanswered Anyone in the supps section play on PS4?

    I’ve just downloaded PUBG in the summer sale, looking for other players to squad up with or play duos. I looked in the general chat section and it’s dead. So sorry mods if you see this, I post the most in here So we can all drink bangs and take gaming supps while playing [emoji23] Psn...
  5. DEVANS89

    Unanswered Anyone else heard of this brand?

    Browsing my usual websites and came across this, Now I haven’t seen potassium nitrate in the UK since I force stopped making there’s a few years ago so I’m a bit skeptical, but they look to be A US company doing a quick google but not much else.. and I’ve never seen anyone on here have any of...
  6. DEVANS89

    Unanswered John meadows; Odin force (NEW PROGRAM(

    From on of the mountain dog coach’s; “ This is an excellent piggy back if you are wrapping up colossus bc it’s straight into high volume. The second pic is the rotating training split so you guys can get an idea of what and when you will be training each body part. If you a volume junkie like...
  7. DEVANS89

    Unanswered New John meadows program, coming soon;

    And that’s all I have [emoji23]
  8. DEVANS89

    Man Sports test boosters;

    Delta/nolvadren/PR XT Are they any good? I got an email from man sports BOGOF on PRXT and it made me think, are they that good? I've seen on predator they have sold buy a delta get nolva free and vice versa a few times Or just some really good deals on some products?
  9. DEVANS89

    Going to New York for my birthday;

    In May, wondering if you guys could suggest some cool gym/supplement/food related places to potentially check out. I have been to New York before (7years ago) but I wasn't into working out nor the wonders of a good dirty cheat meal. So I'm all ears!
  10. DEVANS89

    Steel supps;

    Seen a lot of talk about redcon1 but nothing about steel... The line has been getting a lot of love on various social media pages thought maybe people are unaware, dunno how you can't everyone should be following jason huh, vacuums for days!
  11. DEVANS89

    Man sports Nolvadren/deltaXT stack;

    I've seen it on a website buy nolvadren get delta xt free, I've looked at this stack in the past but the BOGOF offer is really tempting, however reviews for both together, well seem to be pretty rare. Anyone have experience running both?