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  1. Unanswered HCA

    I’ve got tons of SNS Garcinia Cambogia Sutton around, it’s basically the highest HCA you can get at 60% per pill 500mg per pill. I was saving them for my next ArA run, cause HCA is supposed to help uptake. Currently I’m trying to lose weight and I this can help curb appetite, so I have been...
  2. I got True Shred

    And I’m lookin at the ingredients and looking what I can find about them. So bulbine natalenis, didn’t find much about it regarding humans, it’s seems to be filler. Colostrum powder, couldn’t find much but a study done on old people for 8 weeks and couldn’t find the results. Norvaline, I...
  3. LGD suppression

    So I have seen a few after or during LGD bloods that show lower testosterone, but FSH and LG are unaffected, why does this warrant a PCT? If they are unaffected test would bounce back up, also considering natural test lvls have no impact on muscle retention, which even study’s showing carbs...
  4. T2 suppression

    How suppressive is T2? Any substantial degree that you would have to play with diet to not see weight rebound?
  5. What’s your mattress

    My mattress at home is a fairly soft one. When I went on vacation 3-4 weeks ago, nearly every bed I slept on was a firmer mattress, and I don’t think my lower back has felt better. I knew I’d get home and my bed would ruin my back. I am a side sleeper, but I’ve guess I’ve heard and read...
  6. Lasting longer

    On days that you guys specifically run/jog, not other forms of cardio, do you last longer before sprogging?
  7. Dosing this forskolin supplement

    It’s a 120 capsule 60 serving bottle at 20% forskolin(500mgs) per 2 capsules. This was cheap. Should I just dose 2 pills and get another bottle so I can’t do 12 weeks at 100mgs?
  8. Quick review on HH6

    It’s good stuff, it’s a well dosed product. I really felt it help me keep my gains I made on vector while cutting. Helped the pump in the gym to. There is one undeniable thing though, it messed up my libido. I had sex the day before yesterday, wacked off yesterday, had sex again, and woke up...
  9. Weightlifting plus running

    Trying to figure out how to incorporate more running in my routine. I lift full body 3x a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I run on Sundays. I want to add running on Tuesdays and Thursdays. How do I adjust my leg training? Each of these full body sessions I put more emphasis on a body...
  10. Blockbuster sale

    Blockbuster is on sale at manssports at 75% off. But the label seems kinda weak. What is AAKG anyways?
  11. AIs and Cardio

    Other than possible dry joints would AIs hurt your cardiac endurance?
  12. What would you do?

    I’m cutting right now, so I’m running HH6 until 12 September. Im starting an ArA cycle on Oct 24 then ABE on 2 Nov. What should I do after HH6? I kinda want to cut until 1 Oct. I have kingslayer and want to start it right after HH6. But hunger and cutting doesn’t go well together. Start king...
  13. Quick review on intramax

    Good pump, definitely helped fatigue during training. Taste isn’t bad when you use a lot of water. One qualm though, possibly the worst container I have ever dealt with. It’s supposed to be a 21g one scoop but I can’t even fill it because the tall skinny shape of the container, so I weigh it...
  14. Intramax everday?

    I took ergonine for a long time. I bought intramax cause it’s profile looks good and I want to try something different. Would you guys drink it every day?
  15. Terrifying exerpience from valerian root and wild lettuce

    This stuff is a prop blend of valerian root and wild lettuce. The directions say 2 droppers in a glass of water, the thing is the entire thing is 4.8 in tall so it’s a big dropper. I put 2 full droppers in water and drank it. Was expecting a bit better sleep. I felt tired before hand, and after...
  16. Wrist Sprain?

    So my wrist popped yesterday when I took the barbell off this rack to OHP. I did 135, 160, and 185. The latter was kinda easy, I can’t remember but I think it happened on the 185. Took it off the bar, kinda rotated my wrist to get in the pushing position. My wrist popped, I was able to do 1 then...
  17. Preworkout dip?

    Thoughts? Creatine through the lip?
  18. GF throws up when she runs

    Hey guys so, I have even thrown up from running before, but that was because I haven’t done it in forever and I was so out of shape. But my GF exercises regularly but she STILL throws up. Whether she eats something light or on empty stomach. The only thing I could possibly think it was which...
  19. Beta 2 receptor antagonists

    Is anything that acts as a beta antogonist goat for cutting? I see one that isn’t used much anymore was in OG Alphamine, and 2 still exist in PR XT.
  20. How effective are they?

    I’m genuinely curious as to how effective any AAS are. How much more do you get out of it, what’s your new ceiling for training and nutrition? Also why is it touted don’t do them under 21? The majority of bodybuilders were juicing in their teens and here are people saying don’t. Especially...