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  1. 44 yaer old male , need to drop weigth

    Ok , This morning went to the lab and order a hormonal test to see if my test is low etc, and Thursday I will get the Thyroid test to se were I stand and start exercising and get better from here, I will post my results tomorrow and log also my workouts. Thaks!
  2. TTA- 500 , SYN -30 AND RASBERRY KETONES and no results

    I been taking these stack for almost 4 weeks with no results , wanted to do that to see any changes but nothing,can any rep help me , what is the rigth and best way to stack these items, thanks,
  3. hot woman like big ears guys

    I been trying to go out with this hot brazilizn girl and she just blow me off , then I check pictures of her ex-boyfriends and all of them got big ears like president Obama, this is not the first time that I seen this trend going, have yopu have a similar story , I will like to hear that

    Pat, when is the ur spray coming back? i got one bottle left , need some moreeeeee

    I know erase is good , but I seen good reviews on nolvadren , what are your thoughs on it guys?

    Ijust order the ph17 to do a cut but I was wondering if I can use this with a fat burnner to help on the fat department?
  7. Shred Ultra is doing the job!!

    I am trying to lose some pounds and trying to keep as much muscle possible, I am stacking Erase, Anabeta ,to keep the muscle , but as you know anabeta increase hunger and so far Shred Ultra is helping me a lot on keeping the hunger down, i will keep posted on this jouyney!!
  8. On the way to loose weight log!!(non sponsored genomix-control labs)

    Hi every one, I am starting this log to get some motivation on my way to loose some body fat. My stats are , 5' 11'', 220 lbs. around 20% bf. I will be reviewing 2 bottles of DCP and 2 bottles of Heat stack. From control labs , I will be using orange oximega,blue gene, white flood, purpple...
  9. Anadrulic State GT AND POSTAL mini review

    woww What a surprise!! I got this preworout on friday and my endurance went up, and the feeling of well being is just great!! And I been having postal , wich flavor is great , I use this on my heavy leg day and I did have less soreness the next day, I am not affiliated to LG at all , I am just a...
  10. NATADROL Vs ANDROLEAN for recomp ,cut

    I have tried Natardol in the past 3 bottles at 8 caps per day with great results ,but I have been looking at androlean for fat loss and recomp ,Natadrol is way cheaper but ,I will like your input Guy's .
  11. M1 40 by Ben Pakulsky ?

    Have anyone try this method? does it work and if you know were to down load this ?

    Iwant to thank first the I force for the opportinity to log and review this product. I am 39 years old ,5' 11'' ,235 lbs,and my goal is to loose fat and keep muscle as much as I can, I will be working out at least 5 days of the week,4 days lifting follow up with at least 30 minutes of cardio...
  13. Cut -recomp continue!!!unsponsered!

    Starting saturday I will start a cut ,recomp with CEL forma,recompadrol,and Adipose anihilation,i will dose as per containers instruction,I will review this stack for all AM brothers information!!hope you guys follow my log and review transformation!!!:yup:

    Ibeen looking at this ,and notice that the 300 caps version is sold out here at nutra,can you please share your experience,for us to learn your results??
  15. Speed Xtreme (sponsored log)

    Hi everybody ,I got the great opportunity to log and review this preworkout!! Speed Xtreme is a very potent pre workout supplement that not only gives you tons of energy and unbelievable skin tearing pumps. It also helps keep your body anabolic during workouts and helps prevent muscle breakdown...
  16. Osama Bin Laden finally dead!!

    :saw:We finally shot this guy out!!!
  17. Recomp,hdrol-furaza or hdrol-pstanz

    Ok i am thinking on running my very first ph run ,I have allready clomid on hand ,and natty test boosters for pct,along milk tistle ,hawtorn berry etc, I am looking to recomp without lossing strenght,maybe gain some ,wich will be better of the 2??thanks in advance to everyone that post good info...
  18. JP8x get diesel

    Any chance that nutra will carry this new p workout,you know there is a lot of us that like this product guys?:newangel:
  19. Melt Xtreme!!!!(fat) sponsored log!!

    Xtreme Melt blend -712mg Dicaffeine Malate,Yohimbe Bark Extract,Green Tea Leaf Extract, Parsley Leaf Powder,Dandelion Root Powder,Arbutin(from Uvi Ursi) 1,3 Dimethylamylamine Melt Xtreme is taking the diet industry by storm as the most effective appetite suppressant and thermogenic ever...
  20. Lecheek Nutrition Speed Xtreme!

    Speed Xtreme Pre workout Review Hey guys/gals, I just wanted to let every one know I tried a sample of Speed Extreme the other day. I mixed the sample with 12 oz of water. It mixed up very nicely and tasted really good. After about 15 minutes I could feel the energy coming on. The energy lasted...