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  1. Androstenetrione powder?

    I have been using NP's Androstenetrione and finding it to work well. Can I run it 3 times per week and stay on for a several months like some folks due Formestane. Is it better to run CEL Formestane if looking to stay on a product like this for a while. Looking to control estrogen and boast...

    I just bought a kilo of both NP CEE and Mono and some dextrose. CEE is tuff to get down. Appreciate any tips on what and how much to mix it with. Any good mixs for the Mono would also be appreciated. Thanks
  3. UPS Labs Prime help

    I will be starting a 2 month run of Prime in about 10 days. 5 days 0n at 6 a day. Is their anything recommended to take at the end of the run that helps keep gains. Thank you
  4. Rag - first day = need a little HELP

    Today was my first. 1 scoop at 5:20 ate at 5:35 trained at 6:00. Fridays are my hardest day. My tail was dragging today. Anyways RAG worked fantastic. Better than I expected. Do have a few questions please. I work out m,t,thur,fri. I would rather not run RAG on off days Is that a bad idea...
  5. PCS on a pulse

    Would their be any benefit running PCS everyday while on a pulse of EPI or should it just be run on off days. Thanks
  6. Feedback Section

    A condensed supplemnt review log section. No logs = this is what I took and here are my results. QUICK simple and no fluff
  7. Keeping Gains

    I am finishing up a Pulse soon. A gym owner near me confused me. [He was a top 20 place in a past olympia so he should know something]. He said Serms do more harm than good and he and the folks he trained with never use them. I asked if he tappered down when coming off and he said no. Basically...
  8. Ragnorak ?

    I am a early morning lifter. I am up about 5 and traing about 5:45. Trying to figure out how Rangorak would work for my situation. Now I get up and immediatly take a NO product wait about 15 minutes eat 3 eggs then drink a large cup of joe Take a stim 1 labrada charge then go work out. How...
  9. Ids V-50 ?

    I have 3 botlles of IDS V-50 that are close to 2 years old. I was told the are like VAR. Any recommendations on how to dose for cutting. Thanks
  10. PCS dosing ?

    Would their be a benefit to dosing PCS high for the first week or two of PCT. Maybe 6 to 8 caps a day then taper down. Does body weight enter into this factor. I am around 280. I am pulsing Epi and X tren and running PCS on off days and the PCS is working OUTSTANDING. As most people who run X...
  11. poacher Blood test

    ran a cycle superdrol clone. Pct was PCS and sustan alpha. I am 1 month shy of 45. Had blood work 2 weeks after PCT. I have a endo. All he will test is total T. I came in at 340 total. I have tested several time over the last 18months. My high has ben just over 500. My low was mid 200 range...
  12. Mass Fx ?

    How long aftr PCT would you wait to do a MASS FX . Cycle was Superdrol clone. Probably run MASS FX for 2 months. Thanks
  13. for a 405 bench is this solid

    I started traing seriously about 10 months ago after about a 10 year break. Anyways I ahve tinkering with my traing. My main goal is own 405 on the bench before i Cut. These last few weeks I have switched to getting most my work from mainly Flat and incline bench. my working sets are Mon = 315...
  14. Sustain Alpha - Post Cycle Suport

    I am only on day 4 of PCT for a superdrol clone. I was very suppressed. I am extremely suprised with this combo. I was getting wood like crazy last night. Sex drive is definetly rising. What I like best is I feel Really good. 2 very good products so far. Keep you posted
  15. Superdrol Clone ?

    I bought a superdrol clone about 1 year ago. The original Oxodrol. I am half way into week 3. Currently running 2 pills a day. The are 12.5mg. So far absolutely feeling no sides. Guess my support supps are working. Anyways I have put on some size, but strength gains have been minimal. I have...
  16. Cialis ?

    I am currently running a Superdrol clone. I have some Cialis 20mg and some 10mg. Will the help take care of business during cycle and PCT. About what dosage is usually required. Thanks
  17. Muira Puama ?

    Just started a Superdrol clone cycle today. I have NP's bulk Muira Puama. Would their be any benefit in running during cycle. Is it good to run during PCT. Thanks appreciate any help.
  18. Basement training to gym Am i overtraining HELP

    Yup I'm the new old guy and could really use some help. Been training in my basement for a bout a year now. Good bench olympic bar 500 lbs of weight and dumbells to 75 and lat machine. Okay, my wife joins a health club about 3 weeks ago. Family membership cause the have a great pool and my...
  19. creatine high dose

    I am currently running creatine and protien powder. Six star creatine 10 grams a day. Anyone have any success at a higher doses. I am a little over 280lbs. Thinking of going up to 15 maybe even 20. Anyone think that would help for gains or am I just looking at holding more water. Thanks
  20. New member , Hello.

    Hi, have been looking at this forum for some time. Registerd yesterday. Lifted to my mid 30's. Took about 9 years off - messed around a little only. Got up to 347 at 6ft 2 not good. Started working out last year. Dropped down to 275 back up to 283. I am 44. currently running six star creatine...