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  1. Luomo88

    Unanswered Oral test base

    Would 1-Andro work as an oral test base for a cycle?
  2. Luomo88

    Unanswered Hardcore Sports nutrition DMZ?

    Wondering if anyone has experience with this brand and if it’s g2g?
  3. Luomo88

    Answered Help please...rad140/4AD cycle w/bloods

    Looking for some advice in regards to a proper pct given my levels. I have both nolva and clomid on hand. What would be a good dose/length? Wasn’t sure if 20/20/10/10 nolva was a bit excessive...or if clomid would be better. I realize test level didn’t change much, which I attribute to the 4AD...
  4. Luomo88

    Rad140/4andro log

    M, 30, 5’7” 158lbs, 10.5 % bf 4 years lifting experience My goal is to recomp: add 8+ pounds of lean muscle and hopefully shed some body fat Diet: Rest days: 3000 cal; 338g carb, 188g protein & 100g fat Lift days: 3500 cal; 394g carb, 219g protein & 116g fat (Current maintenance is about...
  5. Luomo88

    Baseline bloodwork ??

    What are the essentials that should be tested for baseline bloodwork? I will be starting a cycle of Rad140 & 4Andro in a few weeks. I do not have health insurance (lucky me!) so I will be paying for the labs out of pocket. Thats why I’m wondering what I need and what I can do with out, to save...
  6. Luomo88

    Ostra during PCT?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Ostra during PCT? I’m finding conflicting info and figured I would ask here. T.i.a.
  7. Luomo88

    Advice for RAD140

    I’m looking to do my first SARM research log. I would be running RAD-140 for 8 weeks solo. 10/10/15/15/20/20/20/20. I’m looking for all and any helpful advice. When would be the best time to admin dose (i.e. morning, pre workout or night)? Also what would be the best setup for pct? I was...
  8. Luomo88

    Is Laxogenin ok to take during PCT?

    I’ve got everything lined up for my PCT. But I’m curious if taking Laxogenin during PCT is going to have a negative or positive impact?? Btw: this is my first post, so I hope I’m doing this correctly... Thanks in advance! 29/M 5’7” 165lbs