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  1. Unanswered Neurogenesis-New Nootropic from Hydrapharm.

    A new Nootropic from Hydrapharm has arrived. It contains NSI-189, have you guys any experience of NSI-189?
  2. Unanswered Yohimbine to Thailand?

    I'am going to Thailand in a couple of week's and want to bring with me some Alpha Yohimbine. Is Yohimbine legal in Thailand? I'd find a thai webshop who's selling different brands of Yohimbine but that's not evidence enough if it's legal or not. I want to stay away from trouble with the Thai...
  3. Unanswered 500mg Epi andro vs. 10mg Osta to assist while cutting?

    I'am in the second week of my cut and there's 7 weeks to go and I'am thinking about to throw in, either 10mg Osta or ~500mg Epi andro for the upcoming 7 week's. I will do a OTC pct this time because I'am leaving for south-east asia when the cut is finish and I don't want to travel with serms. So...
  4. Unanswered Rate this cutting stack.

    I'am planning 8 week on cutting. Diet and cardio is there and I'am building a cutting stack to support fat loss. How does it look? Anything more to add? 11Keto/oxo 400-500mg (or invictus) Yohimbine 15mg/ed MK-677 30mg/ed
  5. Thought's about this one? dosage?

    I've been searching a long time for clones of Protodrol and Triumphalis but not been able to found any of them...until now. I found this in an EU store, stacked. I've never used any if them so I wonder if the suggested dosage is sufficient for a decent cycle?
  6. Invictus question?

    I'am going on a sunny holiday in mid December and about to start a recomp diet and add more cardio to lean out a bit. Would Iron Legion Invictus help me to lean out a bit in 6 weeks? Or is 6 weeks too short to get some results from Invictus?
  7. Is Jack 3D the orginal still made?

    The original Jack 3D with DMAA is available in several shop's here in Europe. Is it still made and available on the US market?
  8. Oxy Max XT or Ignite for well being?

    I can still get the old Oxy Max XT with alpha yohimbine but which one should I choose, OL Ignite or Oxy Max XT for well being and euphoria?
  9. 11-KT dosing times?

    I've started 6 weeks with Iron Legion's 11-KT and I'am doing 1,5ml/ed and I splitting the dose 0,75ml in the morning and 0,75ml in late afternoon and I'am taking a shower around 10:30PM. How many hours for 11-KT to absorb before a shower can be done without washing it away?
  10. Epiandro/Stanodrol question?

    Epiandro converts into stano, is it possible to run epiandro for 4weeks and continue with Stano 4 more weeks? Or is it better to buy more stano or epiandro and run the same compound for 8 weeks?
  11. DS reveals the OG CRZ formula.

  12. Stack with 11 Keto(XI-KT)?

    It's time for a 8 week long 11 Keto cycle and the goal is recomp. Is there any benifits to add in Epi andro with 11 keto or is it a waste?
  13. Study: HMB worthless.

    Leucine metabolites, α-hydroxyisocaproic acid (α-HICA) and β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate (calcium, HMB-Ca and free acid, HMB-FA), have been proposed to augment resistance training-induced changes in body composition and performance. PURPOSE We aimed to conduct a double-blind randomized...
  14. Hydrapharm, "Myogenesis".

    What do you guys think about this natty product, is it working? Anyone tried it? Builds new muscle fibres GOAL: BUILD MUSCLE Heralds a new era in natural physique enhancing supplements Myogenic differentiation - creation of new muscle fibres Inhibits muscle atrophy Increases muscle protein...
  15. Is Iron Legion's XI-KT discontinued?

    Have been searching for XI-KT in the UK but it's been out of stock for a long time. discontinued? If it is, is there alternatives?
  16. Ongoing cycle, Dienedione+Epi-andro question?

    I've now done 4 weeks of Dienedione and Epi andro at 600mg. Can I stop Diene and continue with Epi for another 1 or 2 week's and then PCT or do I risk losing the gains I've made?
  17. Best natural diuretics for waterloss

    Which natural diuretics, blended or single ingredient is the most effective for a quick waterloss? .
  18. Fusion Supplements, Nanobol?

    Some years ago I did a Mechabol cycle and it was one of the best cycle I ever had. Unfortunately is the Mecha from Antaeus Labs gone but there's Nanobol from Fusion. Anyone tried it or heard some opinions about this product?
  19. Boladrol anyone?

    I found a store who sells a Boladrol clone. 7,17-alpha-dimethyl-androsten-3,17-diol (3mg) It's claimed to be the most powerfull PH ever made. Does anyone have experience with this one?
  20. Where to buy good quality pure Rauwolscine(Alpha Yohimbine)?

    I have used Target-A2 but now I can't find it anymore so I gave Brawn Gamma Burn a try but it's effect wasn't even close to Target A2. I took 3 caps of Gamma burn,that's 9mg Rauwolscine and the effect was mediocre. I could handle 1 cap of A2,that was enough. Where to buy good Rauwolscine today...