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  1. Blast from the past supplements ( Pics )

    Wow this is bringing back some memories for sure
  2. Black Friday

    Keep in mind that a lot of retailers, including BBCOM are losing their ass to Amazon so they don’t really have the kind of capital to offer great sales because they end up selling at a loss or near loss but there’s no loyalty built because you can usually buy for same price on Amazon. Lots of...
  3. Post Your Best Proats Recipes And Win Select

    What’s a good starter recipe for “overnight” oats?
  4. The New Product Release Thread

    Disagree. Love it. Ordered 12.
  5. The New Product Release Thread

    I'll switch it up
  6. The New Product Release Thread

    Especially pre-workout when you've just woken up lol
  7. The New Product Release Thread

    Pass along that Gaspari should drop BA from the formula. Can't handle those damn tingles in the AM, love the formula besides that.
  8. Nutrabolt buys Scivation???

    Yeah, technically Cellucor didn't buy Scivation. The parent company, Nutrabolt, bought Scivation and it'll be left(according to what I've read) as it's own entity to continue running as it has. Just now has access to the buying power, distribution and marketing machine the parent company has...
  9. Nutrabolt buys Scivation???

    They're the parent corp that owns FitJoy, Cellucor and a handful of others. Now including Scivation. 1Fast400 if you feel like sharing, I'm curious if you got a board seat at the parent company to help advise or if this is your way of stepping away slowly over the next year("golden handcuffs")...
  10. Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA)

    Burn24 if you didn't like Glycophase. Which I'm a bit surprised because for the price it's badass.
  11. USA Bunch of stuff - $100 shipped

    Sold thanks guys
  12. USA Bunch of stuff - $100 shipped

    SOLD Hey everyone, I'm moving and doing a bit of spring cleaning. I want to just ship this as one whole thing so selling for cheap. (2) Sealed Flexatril Opened SNS Phenibut XT - 3 caps missing Opened Huperzine A - 5 caps missing Opened Creamax XT - 1 scoop missing (2) Sealed Diablo PM...
  13. Iron Legion Invictus

    That works!
  14. The New Product Release Thread

    Yeah, the issue is since I currently take Katana/Prolific with a tab of Ephedrine I'll have to wait for the weekend to try it. Don't want to mix nitrates with Ephedrine.
  15. Iron Legion Invictus

    I'd rub 0.5 on inner thigh and 0.5 on collarbone area. Skin is thinnest there. Enjoy :)
  16. Anabeta Elite VS Alphamax XT: people that have used both chime in!

    It's too rich for your wallet, excellent for your blood :P
  17. The New Product Release Thread

    The term is Richard, Woody. With the name Woody, I would've expected more of your awareness around dick play on words. :P Onto another topic, just got 2 tubs of Quake in and 4 mini tubs of Fierce Domination. Both have solid labels.
  18. Good mass gaining supplements for bulking?

    M Test increased my appetite a good bit while on it. ABE + MTest would be unreal for the gains. This also. I haven't used Orig1n but the reviews all say how much it impacted appetite.
  19. ABE/Erase Pro Plus stack

    I think you're fine with just the two of them combined. Honestly speaking, no need to add anything else.
  20. Anabeta Elite VS Alphamax XT: people that have used both chime in!

    I've used both in 8 week runs. The appetite on ABE is unreal, but the gains are great. I slept like a baby while using AlphaMax XT and the ingredients are great. I did stack AlphaMax with Reduce XT for the last 4 weeks so can't comment on AlphaMax solely for 8 weeks for the first 4 weeks were...