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    Straight up kratom old forest log.

    Thanks to straight up for allowing me this opportunity. It couldnt have come atba better time, as my back has been in quite some pain on the left lat and erector. The packaging is tight and was shipped very efficiently. No loose contents and no hassle on getting the package either. The best...
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    SHBG more important than previously thought

    Shr 2410 From my understanding, this changes the landscape of the free androgen theory.
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    Any light novel or manga readers out there?

    As the title implies. Anybody seen the pre orders or one called omega on Amazon? Impressions? Worth buying? What are you reading?
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    expert ratings nutrition certification

    Okay, so my situation is that I have several people that want me to coach them on their diet in my area. It is not worth paying out a 600 dollar longtime investment in one of the higher certifications in nutrition, however. I'm not saying that I am Dr. Mauro D. Pasquale or anything, but I am...
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    Biohacking devices experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with various biohacking devices such as far infared, pemf, human charger, etc. Please aware me of any that I haven't listed, as I am sure that the list is extensive. I haven't seen any recent threads concerning this topic; I figured it was time to try...
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    Any anime fans?

    Whatcha watching?
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    SPONSORED Hi-Tech's Laxogenin run

    Hello all, I have been fortunate enough to be selected to log Hi Tech's new laxogenin product. I do have a couple of questions on this product for the reps before I begin: 1. What is the dosing protocol for this product? Should I take everyday or just on training days? I understand that laxo...
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    bulk phosphatidic acid

    For future reference, does anyone know where to find PA in bulk powder form? In advance, while I do appreciate the advice of "just go with SL granules", I am just curious if any bulk powders exist for caloric reasons, etc.
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    ergonine nanaberry

    It's simply delicious.
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    Plexus Xfactor?

    I just saw that one of the MLM companies has taken the name X factor for one of their products.... Legal?
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    Liver enzymes and Ck levels

    Hey guys, I just got a call from the Dr's office telling me that my liver enzymes were in the 90's and that my CK levels were 755 (308 being the high end of normal). I told them before I had the labs that they would be elevated, as I had trained the past few days before getting the labs ran...
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    Vega Protein and Greens

    Just want to give credit where it is due. This product is some of the most delicious protein that I have ever tried. The consistency is thicker than normal whey and just a bit "grittier" than casein. That texture is perfect IMO. It is the only protein that I enjoy eating dry out of the...
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    Props to Nutriverse and OL Rauwolscine question

    First, a big thank you to Nutriverse for fast shipping (next business day I received the package) and a nice sample of OL Bloodshr3d to boot! Next I have a few questions on OL Rauwolscine. First, I am assuming that it is similar to yohimbine in that it is best taken fasted, so first thing in...
  14. banjobounce

    Beta alanine

    Okay, call it placebo or what have you, but something that I have noticed is that every time that I have re-introduced beta alanine into my staples I notice an acute effect, as in 2-3 days of consistent dosing. I am not just talking lactic acid buffering properties either. I have tried both bulk...
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    SPONSORED: A Joint Performance (Flexatril and Xtend perform)

    First thing's first. Big thank you to TheSolution and 1Fast400 as well as the whole Scivation crew. This log will be used to test the effects of Scivation's Joint aid supplement, Flexatril and their recent bcaa formualtion, Xtend Perform. I opted for the Black Cherry flavor of Xtend. My...
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    Sponsored PlasmaJet log. 4th state of matter or major pump airdrop?

    First things first. Big shoutout to Big_Spaz, danielmoo, and dougefresh93 for choosing me to run this product. I will be running PJ for a couple of weeks and posting updates on how PJ affects my training. Okay so, first impressions: The box/packaging looks legit. It has a nice 90's type vibe to...
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    ergonine deal

    mod edit: not wise.
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    Evomuse/ Ara Log

    [ATTACH=full] Okay. So I'm currently on day 4 or 5 of a stack consisting of Xgels 1g/day and a couple of Evomuse products. For the first month I will be running BMP with the ARA. After the BMP is gone, I will start my bottle of Brite. Macros so far have been 260P 260C and 60F. They will of...
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    supplementing with lactic acid?

    One of the may reasons for lactic acid type training is the premise that when exposed to lactic acid, nuclei initiate protein synthesis. This may be a naive question, but has anyone given thought to supplementing with lactic acid intra or post workout? I have searched the forums,and all I have...
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    Quest bars

    Just wanted to give credit where it is due. I received 3 boxes of quest bars for my birthday: 2 pumpkin pie and 1 cookies and cream. Both are incredible and addictive. The cookies and cream are more of a Metrx Prime type bar with cookie pieces. Very good... great texture. The pumpkin pie is...