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  1. Levyii

    Protecting an autograph

    So here a bit of a dumb question, but googled didn't turn up any solid answers. I recently had a leather lifting belt signed by Dana Linn Bailey, her husband and Flex Lewis. I was to apply something to protect the signatures. I ordered a new belt so I wouldn't use this one. Any suggestions for...
  2. Levyii


    Quick question for you guys. I bought Oxymax a few months back and loved it. My husband does too. So I bought more from A1supplements and the pills were white and blue like the first time. A week later I bought a bottle from getrippednutrition and the pills are all blue. Did you guys change the...
  3. Levyii

    Best shredding stack out there

    Ok guys I know this is ALWAYS asked. I'm looking for the best fat burning stack for ladies out there. I'm currently taking a pretty high stimmed preworkout so preferably something not too stimmed but it's not priority. I'm 126lbs, 5'1 and at least 25% body fat. I'd like to see 15-18%. My diet is...
  4. Levyii

    Levyii tries to Simul8 her cut with FinaFlex

    Levyii is back at logging once again! This time it is for the new pill version of Stimul8!! I logged the powdered version awhile back and it was intense so I'm excited to see how the pill form goes. Just waiting on arrival of product!!
  5. Levyii

    Levyii is on the road to Shredzville

    Hello all! I figured with all the logs I've done on other sites, I'd start a training log here. That way I can update it regardless of what supplements I'm taking or logging at the moment. :) I'll start by posting yesterday's leg workout: Leg Day Abductor/Adductor Super Set set 1: 130 x 15...
  6. Levyii

    Feeling the burn with EpiBURN Pro and DCP 2.0

    I guess I should start this log now. I have a current one going for StimaHOLIC and AminoFusion but not really sure anyone follows that one. I had been asked to do a long on EpiBURN by USPLabs and I know the BPS guys follow any log I do with their products. I came off a cycle of their Combusion...
  7. Levyii

    BPS DCP 2.0!!

    So I won a bottle of this product from BPS's Facebook page. I'm excited to try it, even though I have a ton of fat burners in my cabinet right now lol. I took EpiBURN Pro this morning and 2 DCP 2.0 preworkout as it's stim-free. I probably won't continue this, but wanted to get feedback from you...
  8. Levyii

    Confessions of a FUSION STIMaholic

    As promised, I said I would get this log up and running. However my sister is in town until next Tuesday and it looks like I won't be doing much in the gym until then. I took STIMaholic 1/2 scoop the day it arrived. I asked for red apple flavor and I'm blown away! It's the most amazing flavor...
  9. Levyii

    Intermittent Fasting and Women!

    Ok, so this post is intended for input from men and women, however as a female I wanted the advice geared towards that aspect :) since we run differently in all aspects of being. That being said, I recently stumbled upon intermittent fasting posts and have stalled in my goals and wanted to try...
  10. Levyii

    Bustin Through Plateaus with BPS Combustion and AdrenoSurg

    While waiting for the stack to ship...I figured I'd post my stats and goals and get this thing all lined up. Currently standing at 120.6lbs. Looking to drop to 112-115 while maintaining lean muscle mass. I lost about 4lbs last month so excited to see where this takes me. I'll be continuing my...
  11. Levyii

    What's your best stack?

    I want to know what all you supplement gurus have for your best cutting/shredding stack! Ready go!