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  1. What is a good brand or supplier for Organic Unflavored Soy Protein Isolate powder?

    Anyone know of a reputable brand of Organic Unflavored Soy Protein Isolate powder in the USA? My cousin is a vegan lifter and he has been looking for bulk organic unflavored soy protein isolate powder to mix with his pea and rice protein. He prefers a organic soy isolate because it is not...
  2. OL TUDCA restock ETA?

    Was wondering if OL TUDCA will be coming back anytime soon and if so ETA? Was hoping to grab some during the next couple of weeks.
  3. Does anyone have accurate contact info for Nutraplanet ot NP reps?

    I placed an order with them on Friday morning May 31. My order is stuck in processing and I have tried emailing and calling but no replies or responses. I used the contact form on the site and that bounces back as unable to deliver. I placed a basic order for stuff that they should have in...
  4. Slintensity stock ETA?

    dsade Just wanted to ask if Slintensity will be restocked anytime soon? If so how long before it will be ready to go? Thanks.
  5. Element Nutraceuticals products any good?

    I would like to know if anyone here at AM has tried any products from Element Nutraceuticals? If so, how would you rate the quality of the products you ordered from them? They appear to be a new company based in Florida and sell mainly through Amazon, Ebay, and direct through their own...
  6. NP Topical Matrix questions?

    Was interested in possibly picking this up to make pregnenolone and or dhea TD spray. How much supplement powder can 1 bottle of NP Topical Matrix fully dissolve? Also will I need to heat the finished product to ensure it fully dissolves?
  7. Adding low dose oral Pregnenolone to daily LJ/TA?

    I currently use LJ/TA on a daily basis without cycling and have done so for quite sometime and I have found it to be quite beneficial as a daily staple supplement. It has been posted that one of the believed MOA for LJ increasing testosterone levels is the purported ability of eurypeptides in...
  8. Slintensity ETA

    Just wanted to ask when Slintensity will be back in stock? Would appreciate an ETA if available. Also I tried to send a PM to dsade but your box is full. Posted this in the supplement main forum by mistake.
  9. Slintensity ETA

    Just wanted to ask when Slintensity will be back in stock? Would appreciate an ETA if available. Also I tried to send a PM to dsade but your box is full. Posted this in the supplement main forum by mistake.
  10. Any interest in another GDA?

    Just wanted to put out a feeler to see if there would be any interest in another high strength Corosolic Acid based GDA type of product similar to Slintensity and discontinued Recompadrol. Nothing fancy, just proven effective ingredients in a concentrated formula. However due to the cost of...
  11. Need help finding a reputable supplement contract manufacturer

    As the title states, I need some help finding a reputable supplement contract manufacturer. I'm trying to get a quote for a custom formula but most of the companies I have found on the web are either brokers, have high minimums, and/or are unresponsive. Any help would be much appreciated...
  12. Does Momordin (Bitter Melon Extract) lower sperm production?

    I remember reading a thread about GDA's a while back that mentioned Bitter Melon Extract lowered sperm production. Since some of the more popular GDA formulas use bitter melon (ie Burn 24 and Slintensity), are the dosages used in these formulas enough to cause this to happen? I have been...
  13. PPAR-gamma agonist/antagonist questions?

    Would a supplement that exhibits ppar-gamma antagonist activity such as berberine or CLA be canceled out by co-administration of another supplement that exhibits ppar-agonist activity such as cinnamon? So for example...glycobol contains both berberine and cinnamon. Since berberine is a...
  14. Slintensity ETA?

    When will Slintensity be back in stock either at your website or at retailers? Been OOS for quite some time and was wondering if you guys have an ETA. Thanks!
  15. 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran

    Does anyone know where I can find bulk 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran caps? Looking for this ingredient solo and without a prop blend.
  16. Lipovate dosing?

    So I picked up a bottle of Analyzed Supplements Lipovate to try along with my order of F95. Lipovate looks like an interesting product but I wanted to know if I could spread the daily dose out to 1 cap 4 times daily 15-30min before a meal or would it be better to stick to the instructions and...
  17. New version ERASE question?

    I have used original ERASE a few times and loved the product but could not take the crippling joint pain. After reading mixed reviews about the new reformulated version, I decided to pick up 2 bottles during the holidays to run and I am ready to start anytime now. I'd like to know the best way...
  18. ETA on Forskolin95?

    Was looking to buy some forskolin95 but noticed it is out of stock at AS and NP. Do you guys have an ETA on when this will be available again? Also will there be a sale to go with?
  19. For Sale or Trade: NP Bulk BCAA's for AnaBeta

    For Sale or Trade: NP Bulk BCAA's for PES AnaBeta 3 X 500 gram containers(1.5 kilograms total) of NP brand bulk unflavored BCAA's. $65.00 shipped within the US only and payment by paypal. I am also willing to trade for 2 bottles of PES AnaBeta (OG version). Please PM if interested or if you...
  20. 2013 Black Friday Sale "Free Shipping" items not working?

    Under the "Free Shipping" category for sale items, I want to purchase some of those items but when I go to check out I still get charged for shipping with no free shipping option. How do I qualify for the free shipping?