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  1. Is there still an app for this site

    Got a new android and I look for the app but it saying it does not exist
  2. Home gym squat rack

    What a good squat rack. Reading reviews on some but cheap one seem built cheap. Any experience with a good one. Good width and squat depth for a tall guy
  3. Where to find weights

    Trying to make a home equity gym while everything is shutdown. Anyone find plates for sale online. Dicks and Dunhams is no luck in my area.
  4. Best home scale

    Anyone have advice on a home scale? I know a lot of them are advertising all that they measure beside weight. are those even accurate.
  5. Cortisol Supplements (5AT, 7-OH) before or after workout

    I seen some of the labels say take before workouts, however isn't cortisol higher after your workout so would one want to take cortisol decreasing supplements after a workout?
  6. Sinus infection

    Last month I have been getting pounded, with cold and sinus stuff, haven't been able to work out, I just can't shake it. Tried netti pot, rest, take probiotics. Any suggestions I've never had it this bad before
  7. Back muscle spasms

    I've been plagued with lower back muscle spasms. They usually put me down for 5 days, it has been ruining my training. They seemingly come out of nowhere. What is the best way to treat these or avoid them?
  8. Blood work back Low T Low E

    36 years old, this is my annual testosterone check. Each year testosterone goes down, however last time I got it checked was was taking clomin 12.5mg ED and my T levels were in mid 500 range. Also Estrogen is low, which I cant make sense of? I have not used any anabolics in 2 years. Last time I...
  9. Advice on handheld massage

    Anyone know what is good out there as far as handheld massage for back and shoulders, seems like most are bull**** and not enough power. Even my chiropractor has junk ones. Any advice or recommendations?
  10. Any good apps for tracking training

    I am trying to find a easier more convient way to track my training logs other than a notebook. Anyone know of any free apps for organaizing and tracking.
  11. BCAA/EAA help

    I usually buy whats on clearance and cheap. I wanted to swtich to a better product not just run of the mill, what is a good BCAA and EAA product on the market?
  12. USA Items for sale

    SOLD please delete
  13. Fish oil recommendations

    I was buying Evomuse krill oil, just got too pricey. Can I ask for a source for quality fish oil in bulk?
  14. transdermal trest

    Who has used and and liked it, I don't see it being discussed anymore
  15. Formestane for PCT

    Does anyone still find intrest in using formestane in PCT or on cycle?
  16. USA Cycle supplements for sale

    I have half bottle of cycle assist. Pm me for information on other products and prices Will do trades for evomuse gut health or scivation flexatril
  17. Trestabolic and formeron

    I bought these a few years ago before they went off market. I am at the point where I am not going to use them. Just seem pretty harsh. Anyone have options. Has anyone done a solo formestane run. To me neither is of any use anymore
  18. Supplements to sell

    Are formestane and trest, still legal to sell on ebay or this site? I know you can still buy these products on line
  19. Now that I am 35... what next

    Just looking to take something to maintain health and body. Nothing crazy, was going to take epistane solo, or for the 1st time real test at small dosage 250mg week. Not gung ho about. I have 2 bottles of transdermal trest, but I won't use the stuff. Epistane seems easy and minimal sides but so...
  20. Best probiotic on market

    To me shopping for a quality probiotic is hard. To decipher what works and how they justice it. I've used gut health alot, but I am looking for something, and maybe some education on the various types of probiotics.