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  1. Help, 40 and can't seem to keep gains

    I was in almost the same boat as you. except i am older. I have been running MAN OROTINE and CEL FORM = 2 squirts every other day. Almost back to where I was on cycle except I feel GREAT. HIGHLY recommend trying both products.
  2. Creatine Pre or Post or Both?

    Couldn't agree more - I belive most people underdose and dont stay on it long enough
  3. Resistance in the Armed Forces

    Amen to that
  4. A Letter to a Senator about the Proposed Healthcare Plan

    I do belive we need healthcare reform = but not this package. Thank you for posting this proposed plan
  5. Androstenetrione powder?

    I have been using NP's Androstenetrione and finding it to work well. Can I run it 3 times per week and stay on for a several months like some folks due Formestane. Is it better to run CEL Formestane if looking to stay on a product like this for a while. Looking to control estrogen and boast...

    Awesome Thanks. Just did another dose of CEE and if Arginine is worse I just dont think i could man up and get it down. Looking forward to that Citris flavouring.

    I just bought a kilo of both NP CEE and Mono and some dextrose. CEE is tuff to get down. Appreciate any tips on what and how much to mix it with. Any good mixs for the Mono would also be appreciated. Thanks
  8. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    That is a VERY big deal. I got 2 boxs on sale I think for about around 70 dollars. So far I have to say it is a good product. Any Price break you can us sure helps. Thanks Poacher
  9. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    M W F = work out days 9 caps. T TH 6 caps. Sunday 2 Caps at night. I work out early am.
  10. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    QUICK update:Starting to blow up this week. I am suprised. Almost feel like I am on cycle. Hopefully thye strength will come.
  11. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    Diet is decent. Just above maintenance - same diet as my EPI pulse last year which worked very well. Anyways I hope I am a Prime Responder. If not back to creatine. Thanks
  12. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    Strength gains. I have noticed one big effect. Sex drive is very high.
  13. PRIME (Experience Only, Please)

    One week into my Prime cycle. Nothing yet. Hopefully it will kick in soon. Poacher
  14. UPS Labs Prime help

    Thank for the response. I am most probably going to get another bottle and run 9 a day as outlined above. Think running paravol at the end might help?
  15. UPS Labs Prime help

    I will be starting a 2 month run of Prime in about 10 days. 5 days 0n at 6 a day. Is their anything recommended to take at the end of the run that helps keep gains. Thank you
  16. Geez, "The One".. and the rest so tired of being ripped off

    I use to train like that with similar results. Now I train 3 days a week Heres what I do for chest. warm up then working sets 295 x2 275x5 255 8 225x15. Thats it. thats all my body can handle and still recover from and grow and I am getting stronger. HIGH intensity low volume does work
  17. Upcoming job interview....

    I have been on 6 or 7 interview panels in my career, and they will basically ask you variations of: Tell us about yourself? Why do you want this job? Why did you apply? What are your qualifications for this job? What are your strengths? What weaknesses do you have (or where would you like to...
  18. Taking Phera-plex for 10 days will it shut me down at all???

    ONE pill 3 times week for 3 weeks. Think you will be suprised by the results. I recommend 3 straight days on 4 off.
  19. PowerfuLL and NP's muira puama

    You are close to my new stack. NP muira puma plus NP yohimbe plus a half can of green mag. Mix it up and I take 1/4 tsp 6 times a day. I LIKE it very much
  20. Best Creatine Ethyl Ester Product

    for me Rag worked better than Nos Ether.