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  1. funkd0c

    Old orals... would they be effective after 8-9 years?

    I have these all from 2011-2014... are they worth running a few cycles with?
  2. funkd0c

    4weeks Fura at 500mg/day??? Standalone

    Has anyone done or seen someone run Fura at 500mg by itself. Thoughts??? I was looking through old boxes and ran across these bottles.
  3. funkd0c

    TB 500 dosing

    Anyone here had some experience with dosing TB 500 for a severe muscle strain recovery? I have read that micro dosing is better for such things. But, i haven’t found their dosing protocol, instead of using the 2ml eod or e3d. Anyone have any experience with this?
  4. funkd0c

    TB500 shelf life

    I have an un-reconstituted bottle of TB500 that’s been in the closet for about 2.5 years. Is it still good/effective if i were to use it now?
  5. funkd0c

    VII-KT+Invictus or Absolutely Abliderated+abliderate AMMO for PCT??

    Looking for a combo to use in PCT after a run of XI-KT. Does anyone have experience with both or either combo?
  6. funkd0c

    Old bottle of XI-KT, what is ml to mg conversion?

    I have this bottle and figured it was time to put it to use. But not sure on mg dose for 1ml. Also the dropper has marks on it but not ml markings. I used half dropper this morning to play it safe but I assume a full dropper is 1ml?? Anyone know what the deal with this is? I know bottle says...
  7. funkd0c

    Has anyone had an allergic reaction to Cardarine?

    I'm running a few supps together and cardarine is the only new one I've put into the mix. I am starting to develop little bumps all along my sides from my thighs to my lats. They look like pimples but they aren't. Anyone else have this issue?
  8. funkd0c

    Better for endurance??

    Thinking of running Fura 350mg/day OR caradarine(not set on dose yet) 14-21mg day. Which would peeps recommend these days? It's been a while since I've been active on this board.
  9. funkd0c

    AM/AB/5alpha stack suggestions

    Have these bottles: And am wondering if I should use all in 4 weeks or extend it to 8 weeks and run the bulk the first 4 and 5 alpha the last 4... Probably will log this, just so I can get back into it.. As you'll notice, the mass bottles are of older and newer versions. Probably will...
  10. funkd0c

    Training mask 2.0 ??

    Has anyone had experience weight training with this mask? Or cardio?
  11. funkd0c

    Ostabol/halo mass cycle questions

    Hello, it's been a long time since I've posted on the forum. I'm wondering if anyone has ran these two together and has any input on it. I'm running osta at 20mg and halo at 50mg per day which from what I've read is on the low side of each. I've ran a halo clone at 100mg a day with fura at...
  12. funkd0c

    Condense non caffinated??

    Will there ever be a non-caffinated version of condense? I love the product but I already drink a lot of coffee and would like to stay under 600mg/caffeine per day.
  13. funkd0c

    Magnesium oil??

    Anyone used this topically? I have heard recently that it helps with inflammation and acute pain relief. Looking for ppl's experiences
  14. funkd0c

    Fat destruction on PES Alphamine (sponsored log)

    Hello all! This is my log of PES Alphamine. Been about 2 years or more since I've logged on AM. But I'm glad to be back. As some of you know and for you that don't, I am a performing artist. My day consists of jumping around and lifting women from 8:30 to 5 tues through Sat. So my gym time is...
  15. funkd0c

    Friend having trouble creating account

    My friend is having trouble making an account. He has done everything to register correctly. I walked him through it. But, the site still thinks he's a spammer or bot. Yet, I can log into my account on his computer. Let me know what I can do to resolve this, please.
  16. funkd0c

    Wts Primordial product with some goodies

    Have an old sealed primordial product(not expired yet) and a few opened goodies as well. Pm me for details On a magic carpet ride :)
  17. funkd0c

    WTT: turinabol lv for fura clone(e.g. furuza-a, katanadrol)

    Have an unopened bottle of Primordial Turinabol LV that I would trade for a good amount of fura. Pm if interested or have questions.
  18. funkd0c

    Ostarine and women

    Any women here tried Ostarine or any SARM's? Know of any female who has? From what I've read it seems as though they are safe for women. Just looking for anyone who's had experience with them and how they reacted.
  19. funkd0c

    Which Protein do you prefer?

    I am looking for a new protein as a staple. One that I can use preWO, postWO, or anytime. The 2 that stick out to me the most are Trutein(chocolate peanut butter cup) and Combat Powder(triple berry). I usually am a fan of berry flavored protein powders. Let me know what you think, and if you...
  20. funkd0c

    Ursobolic OOS?

    When I put it in my cart it said in red, that one of my items may be oversold and will effect my shipping date. But right under the product it said "Ships in 1-3 business days" I don't know which one to believe. clarification please :) Cuz I am in need of the protein i purchase with it kinda now..