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  1. Weight loss journey pictures -almost a month. Can you see any changes?

    Exactly. Stand beside your chosen object in the same place, at the same distance from your camera, and in the same lighting conditions, if possible. That will give you the ideal conditions to spot even small differences in your appearance. The dress is a good idea. In your original post it...
  2. Weight loss journey pictures -almost a month. Can you see any changes?

    You are very welcome. Positive reinforcement is vital.
  3. Weight loss journey pictures -almost a month. Can you see any changes?

    Something as simple as an end table with a lamp on it. Also, to really get an accurate feel for your progress, you'll want to make sure the photos are taken from a set distance.
  4. Weightlifter poised to become first transgender Olympian

    It is the end of women's sports. As biological males dominate the women's leagues/divisions the fan base will evaporate. If the people pushing this had any brains they would introduce divisions for trans women and men to compete against each other, while leaving the biological female divisions...
  5. Can you feel the effects of testosterone after one week

    My LH was actually high normal, and my FSH was normal. That said, I have significant pituitary dysfunction due to empty sella syndrome. Clomid might help you out, but it isn't a long term solution. Some guys have severe side effects right away. The sides took months to appear in my case. On...
  6. Weight loss journey pictures -almost a month. Can you see any changes?

    I think you should feel good about your progress. Your hips are definitely slimmer, and the belly has tightened up pretty significantly. Both these observations are based on the fit in the dress pics. It would be helpful if you took pictures with another object for a reference.
  7. Can you feel the effects of testosterone after one week

    I can tell you that when I went on Clomid to boost my very low levels, I could definitely feel an improvement within a week. I imagine that actual TRT could produce results as or more quickly than Clomid. Keep in mind that I was basically a dead man walking before starting the therapy.
  8. trial run of topical melatonin

    I am interested, as well. I have had intermittent severe insomnia since my early teens. Oral melatonin has been powerless against it.
  9. Donald Trump running for president

    Yeah, lead, copper, and steel are definitely considered precious metals in my reality.
  10. Donald Trump running for president

    With you being lakeside, a well stocked pantry, PMs, and the means to defend all of the above would put you in a solid position.
  11. Donald Trump running for president

    Yes, it is. Paying back our national debt was a mathematical impossibility a decade ago. The dollar is already dead, it is just a matter of time before the corpse begins to stink enough that it can no longer be ignored. I am a fiscal conservative, but I can see the writing on the wall. So I...
  12. Drinking injectable superdrol? That's why.
  13. Both Helios and Resveros

    It will be my first experience with Apex Alchemy. I am currently suffering from a flare up of an old injury, so I am looking forward to finding out what Helios can do.
  14. Both Helios and Resveros

    My two bottles of each arrived today. 👍
  15. Donald Trump running for president

    They will bring him down with this in hopes of covering over his crimes against humanity, specifically the elderly, during his COVID response.
  16. Donald Trump running for president

    The depths of human depravity are truly unfathomable.
  17. Progesterone and Prolactin raised

    The thing about panels is that the reference ranges have been changing to reflect a less healthy population. Your thyroid tests could come back "normal," but you might still have a problem. My initial panel came back "normal," but far enough from optimal that my supposedly healthy thyroid was...
  18. Progesterone and Prolactin raised

    364 mIU/L. My PCP thought it was sufficient to merit an MRI to look for an adenoma. The MRI found a 4mmx3mm microadenoma, and also confirmed that I have empty sella syndrome. My prolactin returned to normal when my doc prescribed NP Thyroid to deal with subclinical hypothyroidism. You might...
  19. Progesterone and Prolactin raised

    I think ValiantThor08 has given you a very good protocol to start out with.
  20. Progesterone and Prolactin raised

    If you have a microprolactinoma, you won't necessarily have prolactin levels as high as your endo has indicated. The good news is that Caber is effective in shrinking various pituitary adenomas, and especially so with prolactinomas. A course of Caber could even completely resolve a...