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    Assass1nate vs DCP

    What are the main differences between the two? I’m familiar with assass1nate and what it does and after reading over the summary for DCP the two seem very similar. Is one better pre-workout and the other better before meals or...? And which do you personally prefer and why?
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    Who here’s tried SR9011? How’d you take it and what did you think?

    Like it says in the title
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    Recommendations for protecting against hair loss?

    What are some good products for protecting against hair loss?
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    PCT for epi-andro + androsterone cycle

    I’m planning on running a 2 month cycle, taking 200mg of Androsterone (from alpha seven) and 3 caps of alpha stano (not sure how much epi-andro that is) each day post-covid to help me get back on track. What should I do for the PCT for it?
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    Is there anything that’s like a better epi-andro?

    I’m looking for a lil something to help me get back on track once the lockdown’s been lifted. I came across epi-andro when I was browsing and it’s profile caught my attention. The main things were - non-aromatising - not harsh on the liver - doesn’t cause lethargy - doesn’t seem to be too bad...
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    Anyone tried oral BPC-157 caps? This is the product in question. I injured my wrist last night and was recommended BPC-157 to aid my recovery
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    Best rear delt and legs exercises during COVID

    Available equipment 2 x 5-90lbs (~2.5-42kg) adjustable dumbbells Pull-up & leg raise power tower 1 x dip belt Bodyweight shoulder press Bodyweight chest press 1 x adjustable flat & incline bench (and I might get a second one) Decline sit-up bench 2 x 20kg plates (can’t be added to the...
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    Making up for sessions you have to cut short

    Say if it’s chest and triceps day, something comes up and you have to cut your session short. What are the pros and cons of making up the sets you missed later that day? Would whether or not you had a meal in between your sessions make a difference? Would you be better off making up for those...
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    How important is pre-fatiguing muscles?

    So I’ve read that all that matters is how much work you do in total and that splitting your workout up over multiple days gets about the same effect as doing everything for a muscle on a single day so long as the volume’s the same. if say we split your chest workout for the week into two...
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    Evomuse BMP reviews

    What’ve you guys noticed whilst on BMP from Evomuse? interested in all effects, physiological, psychological, etc
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    ways to lower SHBG and need help deciphering a blood test

    So the results of a blood test I had done were a bit surprising Some background : I’m a 23 year old guy who’s a natural bodybuilder whos been training for about 2.75 years. Before this hormone panel and every other hormone panel I’ve had done I took at least two weeks off from all supplements...
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    Unanswered Hyperglycaemia and bodybuilding

    Wasn’t sure exactly where this should go so excuse me if it’s in the wrong place. So one of my prescriptions is known to induce hyperglycaemia to some degree in the people who take it depending on their dosage. How would this affect my efforts to put on muscle and is there anything I can do to...
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    Unanswered Looking for alternatives to leg extensions

    Could you guys recommend any isolated alternatives to leg extensions? My knees have been bothering me and I’d like to switch things up a bit
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    Unanswered What are the best pre-workouts available atm?

    What are the best pre-workouts on the market atm? I’ll split this into five categories. If you don’t have a recommendation in one of them just leave it out. If you care to give your top 3, go for it - For energy - For clarity - Pump enhancer - With special ingredients - Overall
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    Unanswered Days without creatine

    If say I didn’t take any creatine yesterday then would taken two 5g servings today be adequate for resaturating my muscles?
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    Unanswered Astaxanthin and anabolism

    Astaxanthin looks like a very interesting compound but as it’s an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that stays in your body for a long time I’m a bit concerned that supplementing with it daily couldn’t lead to reduced gains. What are your thoughts?
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    Unanswered Vasodrive AP

    I came across it and it sounds interesting. Those of you who’ve tried the stuff, what do you think of it and what did you notice whilst on it (on both micro and macro scales)?
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    Unanswered A metallic smell on my clothes

    Not really sure where else to ask this so please excuse for it only being kinda related to fat loss These last couple months I’ve sometimes noticed a metallic smell on the short sleeved shirts I often wear on nights out. I’m a student, financier and entrepreneur and so very rarely do my clothes...
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    Unanswered Seriously well-equipped gyms in London

    What are some seriously well-equipped gyms in London for professional bodybuilders? This is a general thread for everyone who needs a gym that caters for a higher level than commercial gyms
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    Unanswered Seriously well-equipped gyms in London

    What are some seriously well-equipped gyms in London for professional bodybuilders? This is a general thread for everyone who needs a gym that caters for a higher level than commercial gyms