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  1. OCCFan023

    Triceps! Post em if you got em!

  2. OCCFan023

    this weather sucks!!!!!!

    As long as I'm not here:
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    Red Sox 2009

    Sorry I meant the O's before (I know a while ago, but its the only thing positive I can think of as a Yankee fan arguing with a Sox fan AT THE MOMENET). Middle relief is by far out Achilles heal at this point in time. Honestly though the biggest remedy down the road for us will be the following...
  4. OCCFan023

    Manny Tested Positive\ Baseball is going down a longer, and darker road as we speak. I honestly hope for the sake of baseball it was accidental medication...
  5. OCCFan023

    Transformers 2

    Print Screen baby lol
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    Transformers 2

    I can't wait to see The Devastator in real form man, going to be a BEAST. All around though they are going to have some many cool characters introduced now, going to be amazing.
  7. OCCFan023

    ATW Cinnabun vs. BSN Flavor

    I've had both, and prefer ATW Cinnamon Bun both for taste and texture reasons (more some because you have more control over the thickness without adding insane amounts of skim milk). Honestly though if your skeptical of CB I would suggest trying out cup cake batter because to me their...
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    Red Sox 2009

    As long as we don't start getting swept in 4 games by the Rays any time soon I think we'll be just fine :D. Honestly Johnny hit the nail on the head, well in a way. In a Yankees Red Soxs series right now, the Red Soxs are the better team no doubt. To me its a mental block with the pressures of...
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    Transformers 2

    Most of you have probably already seen the trailer, but if not prepare for a life changing moment. I mean, I think I can literally die a happy man now after seeing the scene with Meghan Fox working on the motocycle, stretching those hammies :D. Oh and I think theres a decent sequel to a movie...
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    Most up to date ETAs can be found here: but T-911 should arrive in the warehouse on May 4, and Formex was ordered on Monday, but not 100% sure on which day it will be arriving. They should be in stock...
  11. OCCFan023

    NP Exclusive PreSale: Anabolic Innovation's NEW Maniac + Free 1 Wk. Glycobol!!!

    Killer deal. Choc chip cookie mix...
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    The greatest email you can get...

    Nutra gets the nod because of the lack of spyware the accompanies, unless of course ninja monkeys figure out how to write code.... :ninja:
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    Red Sox 2009

    Not a fond Yankees memory to say the least, but definitely some pluses to come out of it. Just wait until the home opener when we have Arod, Bruney, maybe even Nady, and CC Sabathia in the zone. Until then, the Sox's are by far the hottest team in baseball.
  14. OCCFan023

    The Draft's Almost Here!

    Where in NJ are you from? Donny grew up 2 minutes from me and 5 minutes for Knowshon. Watched them play in HS, beyond dirty. As for the draft, I can't wait to see what my Broncos do (want to see me some Tyson Jackson!)
  15. OCCFan023

    Joint Pain

    Outside of having the recent sickness, is your diet insufficient at all to make you think you would have a vitamin deficiency? I would wait for the cold to subside, and note if the pain persists. Outside of this, increase fish oil intake, fatty fish intake if you don't feel like buying fish...
  16. OCCFan023

    Choc PB Cup Tastes Bad

    The discrepancy among satisfied users is highly user dependent though, which makes solidifying this theory near impossible unless users who report positive results can get a sample of the supposed bad batches. I'm not disqualifying that it isn't true (I don't remember seeing anyone say they...
  17. OCCFan023

    Do you always need PWO meal

    Like sun said, with an adequate pre workout meal containing the quality CHO, insulin levels will still be raised well above resting levels to for adequate nutrient removal from the blood. If you are getting in enough calories throughout the day, and the workout is short, than you are fine...
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    SamBoz19's Epic Daily Journal! Enter At Your Own Risk!

    That last workout looks it has you covered for as long as you need son, ahah. Seriously though that's some impressive recovery after such a intense workout (specifically on the nervous system, damn)... I know you have put yourself through these types of workouts before, is the recovery that much...
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    Choc PB Cup Tastes Bad

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup = Bangin. Cupcake and Cinnamon Bun still have it beat, but it's delicious (mixed it with skim milk)
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    Choc PB Cup Tastes Bad

    Cooked or uncooked, instant vs non-instant oats, its just for convenience. A lot of people grind up oats in a coffee grinder and add it to there shakes, again for convenience. **Side note, my first shake is mixed up and taste testing commencing :D.