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  1. LakeMountD

    Thought experiment

    Hey guys, it has been forever since I've been on here but I was doing a thought experiment/project and I wanted to get your opinion. PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. It will not be shown how you vote. Explain your answer below if you choose to.
  2. LakeMountD

    Repeal Obamacare Facebook group

    If you believe it should be repealed and believe it is crippling the economy and the state of healthcare then join this please! Let's see how many members we can get!
  3. LakeMountD

    Ultradrol Bloodwork

    Hey guys, a lot of people asked so I got bloodwork after 15 days of Ultradrol at 8mg (and a couple days at 12mg0. I was taking liver support as an FYI. I took it at 15 days because I wanted to get an idea whether it was elevating early like Superdrol did. SD increased my LFT's by 25% after...
  4. LakeMountD

    Who the heck is this?

    Okay so in my ultradrol log I posted this video because I said it was an inspiration to my lifting ;). I also asked if anyone knew who the first blonde was and no one seems to know and we are all now dying to figure it out. Anyone know? 9FtMRZ-Zc_Y
  5. LakeMountD

    LMD's peer pressured Ultradrol log!!

    Okay I couldn't take it anymore that everyone kept asking me about the damn stuff so I am going to run it at 8mg and see where it takes me for 2-3 weeks lol. I will admit we were trying to get real methylsten at IBE for damn near 3 years with no success so I have been wanting to try this for a...
  6. LakeMountD

    Build twice the muscle in days? No problem ;)

    Stem cells turned injured rodents into mighty mice Injecting stem cells into injured mice made their muscles grow back twice as big in a matter of days, creating mighty mice with bulky muscles that stayed big and strong for the rest of their lives, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday. If the...
  7. LakeMountD

    FYI: Tamoxifen Metabolism Not What You Think

    I have been wanting to post this for quite a while and never got around to it but I wanted to explain tamoxifen metabolism and how it variable it really is. I have seen a lot of people post that tamoxifen is metabolized by CYP3A4 and that you should take grapefruit juice with it to inhibit its...
  8. LakeMountD

    Stepping down

    As everyone knows IBE is being sold so I am stepping down for now. It has been a good ride with some rough patches but it was fun nonetheless. I wish IBE owners and PHF the best and we will see what the future holds. Thanks to everyone for your support and even the people we fought with, it is...
  9. LakeMountD

    For Sale: Anabolic Innovations Stoked, PCS, or Life Support (Testosterone Boosters)

    $29 for the PCS or Stoked $20 for the Life Support [CLASSIFIED1473]
  10. LakeMountD

    For Sale: IBE Reverse - 3 Bottles (Testosterone Boosters)

    I have 3 bottles of Reverse left. PM me if interested. [CLASSIFIED1472]
  11. LakeMountD

    For Sale: Optimum Nutrition Optimen (90 or 180 Capsules) (Vitamins and Minerals)

    Optimen Vitamins by Optimum Nutrition I have some 90 and 180 count bottles, just let me know which you are interested in and make an offer! Shipping will be priority mail. [CLASSIFIED1456]
  12. LakeMountD

    Future of Formex

    AnabolicMinds Members and IBE Customers, There has been a lot of controversy regarding Formex recently and where the MCPE group is located on the molecule. The original nomenclature was correct and since both formestane and 4-OH test differ only in the 17 position being an alcohol or ketone...
  13. LakeMountD

    IBE's New Head Rep

    I just wanted to make a formal announcement that IronLungz is now IBE's new Head Rep. Sorry it took me so long to do so I have been unbelievably busy with everything from work to family. He has been outstanding for IBE and deserves the title. Congratulations! :wave2:
  14. LakeMountD

    Any doctors or pharmacists out there?

    Just curious how many medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc. that we had in the community :).
  15. LakeMountD

    Got an extra 19" monitor...

    Hey guys, just letting you know that I bought a monitor from NewEgg a couple weeks back and then found it cheaper at Sam's Club. Now NewEgg says I can't return the other one even though it is brand new. If anyone wants it I'll give you a great deal on it and it is unused. Let me know :-)...
  16. LakeMountD

    Guess no one wants to test the new IBE X-DREAM!

    ;). Head on over, sign up!
  17. LakeMountD

    How can this be legal?! Grrr

    Oil falls $5 as OPEC cut fails to halt slide - Yahoo! News Basically the oil producing nations are mad they are no longer able to charge $145/barrel for oil and have cut supply to raise prices! Obviously supply and demand runs the worlds markets and they know demand has fallen so they are...
  18. LakeMountD

    Feedback from a customer using Epistane to help reduce their gyno.

    I got an email today from a customer I had spoken with via phone a few months ago who said he would contact me again after he attempted to use Epistane with some other things to help reduce his gyno and stay in shape. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is using Epistane for the same...
  19. LakeMountD

    Mccain vs. Obama - Lets see it.

    This is a PRIVATE poll, just interested to see how the bodybuilding community votes since the most recent polls just came out. I don't care either way, but am definitely interested to see the outcome :). Just a little social experiment.
  20. LakeMountD

    Want free X-Force?

    Check out the company promotion section of AM and sign up. We are giving out over 10 bottles to people who can do logs for us. It's easy!