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  1. Pleonastic

    Deca Only short blast

    I just started deca only cycle on New Year's Day. I know I'll get dissed, hated on, all that. It's okay. I'm getting near 40 years old late 30s. Been training about 20 years. Have done somewhere around 7-10 cycles of various gear. I'm an old timer, very experienced lifter, moderate experience...
  2. Pleonastic

    Dienolone acetate or transdermal

    I hope this is a "banned" question. But is this stuff still around? Would rather get the injectable but I would take the transdermal. Even though I hate transdermal. I just love dienolone that much.
  3. Pleonastic

    Unanswered whats the best 1 andro supplement guys?

    i want something to stack with my trestolone and im thinking 1test, but in prohormone form, like Chosen1 etc. Which 1andro products did you guys like the results from?
  4. Pleonastic

    Cutting Not Eating Enough

    Hey guys I'm on a cut right now, and my problem is, its very easy for me not to eat. I can starve myself and experience no cravings or hunger whatsoever. I'm not eating enough and I'm losing muscle. Again I am trying to cut but weight is dropping too quickly and muscle loss is happening. Any...
  5. Pleonastic

    Trestolone IM oral TD log

    What's up guys the plan is 4- 5 weeks of trestolone only. I have all 3 kinds, oral, injectable and transdermal versions. I'm going to inject 50mg EOD and 100mg transdermal on the days I'm not injecting and 50mg oral workout days only. I'll workout 3-4 days a week. Age mid 30s Starting weight...
  6. Pleonastic

    Methylation Toxicity

    Im just wondering how it works. Say substance A is not recommended to use for more than 4 weeks at 30mgs everyday... could you then use it at 15 mgs everyday for 8 weeks ? Or 30mgs EOD for 8 weeks? Or 12 weeks everyday at 10mgs? Can you just do the math and keep the ratio equal? Is that how...
  7. Pleonastic

    Clomid AND nolva stack?

    Ive been teasing on posts here and there that I'm going to do my first cycle and it will happen eventually lol. Question on PCT though, I if I have 2 weeks worth of clomid and 2 weeks worth of nova would that suffice as a full PCT? If so how would you dose it? Can you run both like that in PCT...
  8. Pleonastic

    Research Chemicals Questions and Theories

    I haven't posted on this forum in almost exactly 5 years, crazy that my log in still works. The first time I seen research chemicals online was about 10+ years ago. They were basically drugs similar to illegal recreational drugs. Another chemical that gave similar effects to ecstasy or coke etc...
  9. Pleonastic

    starting your own supplement brand

    I am interested in doing this, or possibly working with an already established company. Can anyone give me some tips maybe? anyone want to possibly go into business together? Thanks.
  10. Pleonastic

    what to name supplements...

    Im thinking about starting my own supplement company and was wondering what you guys think about naming supplements after drugs? Im talking about non-steriod drugs but actually get you high drugs. Is this really a stupid idea or am I unto something here. example: naming a preworkout - cocaine
  11. Pleonastic

    Tiny Iron Have U guys seen him yet!?!?

    Im sure many of you have seen him and im sure many havent. I must say I like the guy... He loves working out more than I do it seems, and that is hard to do. He has a passion for his body. He says he works out 364 days a year. Does not workout Christmas becuase gym is closed. This is the...
  12. Pleonastic

    Light Weights

    Ive been training with light weights for like 2 months now. Ive still done some heavy sets but not owvermany at all and just sporadically. I believe my body was built by heavy weights and I still beleive in the theory of "low reps heavy weight". However i got into light weights simply cause...
  13. Pleonastic

    Cutting for first time

    I need some help, advice whatever. I know the choice is mines but tell me if youve been through the same thing or just got opinions. I been cutting for like a month or so and suprisingly the fat is comming off really easy and my abs are commin in. However my arms are shrinkin down and those are...
  14. Pleonastic

    Superplexx Extreme and 2

    I have some Superplexx Extreme and Superplexx 2 on the way. I am going to start with the Extreme. I have never done anything hormonal before... I have done my homework and have pretty much read it all, from this stuff will kill you, to this stuff wont do anything. I am already set on trying it...
  15. Pleonastic

    Quantity over Quality

    Here's a little bulking tip for some people who need them. Eat eat and eat some more! Yes everyone says it and yes everyone is tired of hearing it but people still ask what to do to bulk up. Try to eat a large amount of food, yes the quality is important too. And in a perfect world you'd get...
  16. Pleonastic

    Biceps means 2 right?

    Dumb question but yea theres 2 muscles there or what? Cause mine just look like one round baseball. I can see the 3 heads in the tris but where is the "second" bicep. If some one has 2 in one arm show a pic hahaha im gonna get dissed for this one bad, pretend i asked drunk
  17. Pleonastic

    Protein & extreme heat exposure

    Hey guys I left some protein in my car for like 2 weeks straight. The car gets really hot inside. Outside temperature was probably 90+ the entire time. The protien is inside the shipping box still if that matters. Then inside a box and then in little packets. Should I throw all this stuff out ...
  18. Pleonastic

    Browse all products option

    I did not see a browse all products option at nutraplanet. If there is one let me know. If not below is how I did it and I recommend making it a little simpler. At the bottom right of the page when browising products, it says "Product List". However, it only lists pages 1 through 7. Why? Im...
  19. Pleonastic

    PCT question

    I have never actually researched PCT supps because I've never done steriods or any legal pro-hormone. But can PCT supps, which seem to be anti-estrogen mainly, be used on thier own? with no "cycle" before hand? Or does this like defeat their whole purpose and is a stupid question? One last...
  20. Pleonastic

    dropped weight on my chest

    Well I was going for 250lbs on the bench today... Had a spotter and he gave me a "lift off". Now somehow I dont know how he picked it up but when he lets go my left wrist turns towards my head. Then down comes the weight crashing on my chest. Strange thing is it did not hurt my chest at all, I...