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  1. Orangatang

    Cryoshock Sample Review from Da Orangatang

    Big thanks to neogenix for hooking me up with a cyroshock sample. I am drinking it now and will have a final report after my workout. Mixability: 9/10 -- Just had a little powder on the bottom of the bottle, nothing a little more h20 at the end couldn't cure Taste: 9/10 -- Quite honestly...
  2. Orangatang

    How many of you have gotten gyno off cycle?

    So I've run various hormones in the past and never, ever had gyno. not oven the 'puffy nips.' So about 5weeks after a run of trenazone and ultradrol (including full serm, AI, cort control, and t booster pct) I noticed a dense lump in my left breast. I consulted a physician and had a mammogram...
  3. Orangatang

    Does anyone know how to run the new αT2 without getting sick?

    So I just scored the new αT2 and its a great thermogenic and stimulant BUT, everytime i take it 45ish minutes after the dose I am praying to throwup I dosed per bottle specifications, but this stuff on a empty stomach is killer for me. I even took the pills with pepto max and still wanted to...
  4. Orangatang

    O'tang ran Ultradrol and Trenazone, Here's his thoughts.

    As the title states i ran ultradrol and trenazone. Little backround, I had cut down to about 161lbs from 186 i was at last november, trying to scrape body fat off, i was down to about 10%. Start to bulk naturally 6 weeks ago by increasing caloric intake as well as high weight lower reps routine...
  5. Orangatang

    Orangatang loggs that **Free Test**

    So here's the idea. APP NUT--Free Test: 4 Caps ED, split into 2 doses. NUTRA--Bulk DAA: ~3 grams ED, 1 dose. also--Calcium Lactate: ~1.5 grams ED, 1 dose, with DAA AI--Stoked: 4 Caps ED, split into 2 doses (not at the time of Free Test) PES--Erase: 2 caps ED (possibly up to 3 caps) in 2...
  6. Orangatang

    Forged Burner review with your primate brother

    Just like the title says, I will be log reviewing a bottle of NTBM forged burner. Just an FYI here, I've been cutting for a little over 4 weeks. Here's the current stack for the last 4 weeks: NTBM: Forged burner @ 2 caps per day PP: Androlean @ 6 caps per day AI: Cycle support LBF: Recompadrol...
  7. Orangatang

    Orangatang goes ANDRO

    This cycle will be used almost exclusively to cut. CYCLE: Primordial> ANDROlean : 6 caps/day AMS> 1-Androsterone:3mls/day first 2 weeks, then 4mls/day last2weeks (this is like high dose old Androhard) AI> Cycle support: 1 scoop/ day LBF>Recompadrol Post-Cycle...
  8. Orangatang

    1 Androsterone UTT equivalence question??

    To anyone who can answer this. I want to run a 1 andro standalone cycle. I was going to use oral capsules at 600-800mg ED. I found that the bioavailability of 1 andro orally is 8%. So that would mean I am actually absorbing 48-64mg. With that said, The dose of 1 andro UTT is 20mg/1ml. What...
  9. Orangatang

    Lit up with Da Orangatang (sponsored)

    A big thank you to App Nut for giving me and the others a chance to logg Lit Up. I will be dosing 2 scoops preworkout. Initial review. Mixablitiy Mixes fantastic. Nice and smooth, no granules. 10/10 Taste Taste is bearable. Overly sweet IMHO but it is not bad 8/10 Presentation The color is...
  10. Orangatang

    Two 7-Spray Questions for Pat/Henry

    I just scored my bottle of 7 spray today but i have 2 questions. 1) Will ~50 sprays give me 250-300mg of 7-keto DHEA? 2) Are some spots better to spray on then others? I was considering dosing in places with the least bodyfat like top of feet and neck and hands. But, I was wondering if there...
  11. Orangatang

    O'tang loggs Mesomorph, Testatropin V2, Creatine Nitrate!

    So here's the dosing schedule and starting statistics. --I have been cutting for 35 days at this point. I am down to about 11% bodyfat. And my weight is steady around 172-173. This this run I will be lifting 4 Times a week. Monday: Arms/Traps Tuesday: Chest and Back Wednesday: Cardio/Abs...
  12. Orangatang

    O'tang goes APS Sh!t with Testotropin V2, Meso, and Creatine Nitrate

    I don't know if there is anyone logging all three products at once so if there is any interest I would like to do one. I have: 1 Bottle Testotropin (15 days) 2 Bottles Of Creatine Nitrate 2 Tubs of Mesomorph (one with CN and one without) :afro: Here we go!
  13. Orangatang

    **11 Keto cycle separation question**

    So today is the last day of my post cycle from a hdrol cycle (4 weeks 50mg a day) and I would like to try the 11keto right now. Should I wait a while or am I Good to go??
  14. Orangatang

    Orangatang's Burnin' with Purus Fat Smack (sponsored)

    Orangatang's Burnin' with Purus Fat Smack (Pic Update, sponsored) First off, a big thank you to Grambo for making this log possible. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to log this product. Initial thoughts: I recieved my bottle on monday night december the 20th. Let the unboxing begin...
  15. Orangatang

    Should I stop this cycle now???

    Friends, Today is day 16 of my cycle. I'm currently taking 75mg of hdrol. I'm taking multi, fish oil, AI cycle support as well. The first 15 days were spent with 50mg per day. But the last few days i have gotten some bogus back pumps. I got taurine pills today. Ive taken 7.5grams at this point...
  16. Orangatang

    Looking for PH/AAS Resource materials

    Friends, I'm new to the aas/ph world. I would like to find some books or articles that cover the basics of androgenic and anabolic activity in the body. I'm looking for resources that explain conversions and metabolism of the steroids. I hear a lot on this forum like "that converts to ... " I...
  17. Orangatang

    *Input Requested* AI swole stack

    Ok so here's whats up Me: Age:21 Height: 5'10" Weight: 184lbs bodyfat: unknown Lifting experience: 4 years Currently running 4 day split Mon: Bi's/ Tris Tues: Back/ Chest Wed: off / cardio Thursday: Legs friday: Traps,abs,shoulders Now down to business: I am currently running my first...