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    How to function/perform more optimally on less sleep?

    Yes, I know what you want to say However, on weekends I work double 12 hour shifts. I feel like utter s##t, and have been doing this for 4 years. I manage 4 hours Friday's, 5-6 hours Saturdays. It's tough, because it's when others mainly have time. It's not something I like, I do want to...
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    Broke my Wrist - What helps heal bones?

    It's been a hell of a year :( I broke my Wrist at work last Saturday, fractures in multiple places. It would of been a double surgery, opted for cast as advice of 2 specialist. I bought 500g of Cissus. I have spare MK-677 AS=WELL. I have some decent Multis on hand like Life Extension Advanced...
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    Kettlebell Programs?

    Hey, Any recommendations for Kettlebells? I've never used them, and managed to grab a set of 7. I have pairs of 16kg, 20kgs. Thanks
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    Blackstone Labs Euphoria

    Anyone tried it? It has loads of reviews, very positive! Supplement Facts Serving Size: 4 Capsules Servings Per Container: 4 BSL Euphoria 2600 mg Betaphenylethlamine, CDP Choline, 5HTP, Cybidium Goeringi, L-Theanine, N-acetyl-l-tyrosine
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    Genius PRO-GT

    Bifidobacterium breve B-3 I'm constantly seeing new studies arise into the benefits of probiotics. I actually found this on sale in Australia for $22AUD, and at the same time I saw 2 posts via Ergo: 1: Researchers from the Japanese dairy company Morinaga Milk Industry have discovered that...
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    ALCAR POWDER - Is it legit?

    Hey, I bought ALCAR POWDER from a major bulk supplier down here on eBay. In the past, alcar tastes very sour like and it's extremely strong. However, this barely has any taste? CN that happen? How can I tell if it's legit? They have CODs, but I'm unsure if that proves anything. I took 3-4g...
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    Heart Health Supplements

    Any recommendations for most cost effective? Finasteride raised my cholesterol, and I'm sure it's on its way down but I just want to run some supplements for 2-3 months. Thinking along the lines of: Fish Oil(Covered) Coenzyme Q10 Red rice Yeast Garlic Citrus Bergamot I don't cycle, but...
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    Sore Joint/Muscle creams?

    Any recommendations? I know Joint Force is good, I'm going to buy more. Is there any creams with CBD/HEMP which are good? I'm not sure what to look for. Thanks
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    Package Forwarder in the USA to Australia

    Any Aussies used one? I'm getting SILLY quotes for postage, like 2 bottles of JOINT FORCE $30USD. Last time I checked, you can Forward like 10-15lbs for $60USD. Anyone done this, or used a service? It may make sense during sale time to simply use a mail forwarding service because it seems to...
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    Thyroid boosting ingredients?

    Hey, After taking Finasteride and having Pre and Post bloods, my thyroid took a hit of around 20% amongst other things. I'm looking for compounds, or products which can give me a natural boost to hopefully get it kicking again. I gained water weight, 4kgs in 2 weeks and over the 12 months...
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    Best Yohimbine product?

    Any recommendations on original Yohimbe Bark vs Yohimbine HCL? What dosage do people see results for fat loss?
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    Beginner SARM stack? Bodybuilding/Crossfit

    I'm looking to create a stack for a mate, He works out 3 x full body workouts a week, and does Crossfit 2 days a week. I believe he also fits in ABS/CALVES on OFF days. Hes 47, no cycle use before and has been training 15+ years. I'm thinking LGD-4033, + MK with a test base? Confusion with...
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    L-norvaline could be harmful to brain cells

    This came up on my newsfeed
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    STEELFIT - Shredded Steel -(Purple Tea/Fat Burner)

    Just saw a post on this fat burner, I believe it's new so doubt anyone has tried it. However, it includes a compound called Purple tea Alluvia® Purple Tea (Camellia Sinesis) Leaf Extract (Standardized to 3% GHG™): One of the newest, and most intriguing, ingredients to enter the world of weight...
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    BPC-157 in capsule form

    Does anyone know any products which contain this as a capsule? I know Unbreakable contained it, undisclosed amounts on label and I see it available for $75AUD plus $17AUD postage online, which is super expensive. I've seen it's available in a patch as-well, however I'm interested in it for gut...
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    WG Nutrition Thermo-7

    The product looks interesting, I'm wondering if anyone has tried it? THERMO 7 was created to assist the body on multiple levels, no matter what your goals are. We wanted to make sure that as you’re attempting to reach your personal weight loss or desired body composition, your needs were met...
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    Do supplements break a fast?

    Just wondering in regards to fasting 16/8 When I'm up, say I want to take Clear Edge first thing in the morning. Will it break a fast? I read coffee is 50/50
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    Expired Viagra

    Haha, I'm curious if it degrades? Ive taken old PWO and it's felt the same as 5-6 years ago. I found some old V's tho and I honestly thought it barely worked? I recall in the past getting major headaches, and a stuffy nose but didn't experience any of that. It expired 2015, however I'm...
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    Anyone taken and noticed effects? I'm trying to find a product with a decent dose of Rg1/Rg3. Mostly TEAS which would equal around 15mg per day. Life Extension has a product which contains 20MG, but it's expensive. They seem to provide performance benefits, as-well as anti-aging.