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  1. Rostam

    HICA dosing

    The only study I saw on HICA was giving 0.5g of HICA 3 times per day every day. However when I look at HICA products they even suggest 1.5g pre- workout (Labrada) or 1.5g post workout (PES). I want to try HICA but I'm not sure which dosing protocol I should use. Every day 3 separate doses or...
  2. Rostam

    Finasteride, Pregnenolone and elevated liver enzymes

    Has anyone experienced or heard of elevated liver enzymes while on finasteride and/or pregnenolone? My liver enzymes have always been low (around 20 IU/L for both AST and ALT). I started taking 1mg finasteride per day and 3mg pregnenolone per day since few months. I’m not drinking or taking any...
  3. Rostam

    Green coffee extract (Chlorogenic acid) action on blood glucose

    It seems there are some data in favor of blood glucose lowering action of chlorogenic acid (CGA) but there are not too many companies putting CGA in their GDA products (actually I don't see any). Any idea why CGA is not more popular?
  4. Rostam

    Order processing

    Do you know how long it takes for Nutraplanet to process orders? I placed an order 4 days ago, all items were in stock and my order status is still 'processing'. I remember in the past they were shipping wothin one or two days maximum.
  5. Rostam

    Nootropics on demand use

    Does anybody have any experience with ‘on demand’ use of nootropics like aniracetam, noopept etc… as opposed to daily use? if so should the dose be increased. So far every time I was taking nootropics I was taking it daily for serval days/ weeks.
  6. Rostam

    Prolactone vs Inhibit-P

    In a thread about Prolactone (Black Lion Research) it was mentioned that Ldopa shoudn’t be taken at the sametime as P5P because combining ldopa and P5p causes ldopa to be metabolized into dopamine outside of the brain. Since dopamine cannot pass the blood brain barrier, taking P5P with ldopa...
  7. Rostam

    Feeding schedule

    Hi all, Which of the following feeding schedule do you prefer and why? For many years I've been following a schedule more or less like the option 1. Now I’m more tempted to follow option 2 in order to separate my protein intake at least 3h apart to maximize MPS. Isn't it a better option. If...
  8. Rostam

    Antioxidants around workout

    What is your opinion about taking antioxidant ( vitamin c, vitamin E, NAC) before or after workout? Sometimes ago this was a must, then there were studies saying taking them prior to workout could act as pro oxidant. And now it seems people are avoiding them around workout thinking taking them...
  9. Rostam

    Pre Workout nurition schedule

    For many years I followed a pre-workout food consisting of protein and carbs (usually a shake of oat and protein and some fruits) 30 minutes to 1h prior to my workout (I workout in the evening. Now I want to add some supplements before my workout, and I’m trying to take them away from my...
  10. Rostam

    Stevia extract taste

    I used to use Now Stevia but stopped using it. I think it doesn't taste as good as Sucralose (artificial sweetener). Any brand that you liked the taste? Or with a taste closer to sugar or Sucralose?
  11. Rostam

    DMAA reversly affect pump

    I Remember in one of the threads Cooper mentioned taking ephedrine with pre workout pump supplements will not diminish the pump effect. What about DMAA? Is it the same story? Or should DMAA Be avoided with pump products or pre workout?
  12. Rostam

    Agmatine, muscle builder or prostate breaker?

    Since few years companies are promoting Agmatine. And based on the user feedback it seems that it's working well for pump, vascularity and hypertrophy. But how safe is it in regard to prostate health? It seems that Agmatine increases synthesis of arachidonic acid in the body. Now It has been...
  13. Rostam

    Search problem

    Am I the only one having a search problem on this board? When I try to find my posts it shows me only my old posts and not then new ones. even using advanced search I can't fins my new posts. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Rostam

    Protein in Intra aid

    I had a look at the ingredient in Intra aid and I'm a bit confused. Is it 8g of protein plus 10 g of a mixture of EAA, taurine and BA or is it 8g of prot including the EAA?
  15. Rostam

    Gas issue after workout

    I have a problem with severe gas 2 hours after I workout. As soon as I finish a workout, I have a protein shake like I've always had in the past, with no problem. However, two hours later I now seem to have severe gas and it lasts for a good 3-5 hours, no matter what type of post workout shake I...
  16. Rostam

    Search results limited to 250

    Each time I do a search or check new posts, it comes out with 250 results (two pages) at the most. :frustrate It's anoying, I want to see some of the threads I posted in ages ago but search results are limited to 250. How can I do a searcha nd see more than 250 results/threads?
  17. Rostam

    Cissus for pump

    I did read in several posts that taking cissus preworkout improves pump. but what cissus is better for this purpose? the regular 6%, the 10% or the 50% extract?
  18. Rostam

    Pulsing base (no ester) injectables / transdermals

    Supposing that pulsing is a valid method for oral steroids, how effective would that be to apply it to injectable base compounds (like Test no ester, or nandrolone no ester) or transdermals?
  19. Rostam

    Clen and Lipoderm

    to add Clenbuterol to Lipoderm I have to extract it from tabs. To separate Clen form the fillers of the tabs I'm thinking of the following: crashing the tabs and dissolving it in appropriate solvent, filter it and let the solvent evaporate. What is the best solvent for Clen? Clen is soluble in...
  20. Rostam

    Yellow Gold and Berberine dosage

    What is the dosage for the NP's Yellow Gold? Does 200-250mg 3 times per day sound right? What about berberine? I've red in some posts that 100-200mg 3 times per day seems to be a reasonable dose. Right?