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  1. kenpoengineer

    Kenpo Raises DHEA and Pregnenolone

    At 58 I’ve been on TRT for almost 4 years and it’s been the best thing that happened in my life, for health and well-being. But TRT is so much more than total/free testosterone and estradiol, it’s about balancing the other hormones that make up the endocrine system. DHEA and pregnenolone...
  2. kenpoengineer

    Neuro DHEA/P5

    Compared the label ingredients from bottles received yesterday to those posted on your website. They don’t match. Is this a labeling issue or did you guys change ingredient profile?
  3. kenpoengineer

    USA WTB: Xtend BCAA Go and Regular

    Looking for Xtend BCAA Go and regular. Any good deals out there?
  4. kenpoengineer

    Mattress Recommendation

    Ok you “seasoned lifters”, for our older joints and backs, what mattress do you recommend? Anyone using the adjustable head/leg base? Thoughts?
  5. kenpoengineer

    Entourage Hormones Gone?

    Admin is Entourage Hormones no longer a sponsor? I noticed all the threads are locked. They seem to be getting non-responsive with emails. Thoughts?
  6. kenpoengineer

    USA WTB Hydrapharm Hydrazine

    Anyone selling Hydrapharm Hydrazine?
  7. kenpoengineer

    USA WTB Stimino

    Any Controlled Labs Stimino out there?
  8. kenpoengineer

    Kenpo’s Premier Pharmaceutical PreWokout Rx Trial

    Sponsored Premier Pharmaceutical Preworkout Rx Log. My thanks goes out to Mr Supps for allowing me the opportunity to log this!! Label: Other supplements I'll be taking: Goat Whey protein, Joint Help, BCAA, Fish Oil, vitamin D3, NAC, Magnesium, DHEA. Disclosure: I'm on TRT. As of...
  9. kenpoengineer

    On TRT and Want Transdermal DHEA/Pregnenolone Cream

    I'm so sick of swallowing capsules and tablets. Does anyone have a recommendation for a transdermal DHEA/Pregnenolone cream?
  10. kenpoengineer

    TRT Online Resources

    Since there are so many asking TRT related questions, I figured I would start a thread on where to find good information. Here are my favorite sites: FB: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Discussion Web: ExcelMale dot com Web: PeakTestosterone dot com...
  11. kenpoengineer

    Over 50 Club Logs

    Looking to follow other "over 50" lifter logs. As you know we tend to have "different" issues to contend with compared to the young bucks. Who is over 50 and Logs?
  12. kenpoengineer

    Dieselade Flavor?

    I'm running low on Dieselade and need to place an order. My favorite flavor was Cherry Limeade, between the new flavors, peach and pineapple, which one do you guys recommend?
  13. kenpoengineer

    Weight Vest Recommendation

    For weighted pull-ups and dips, a weighted belt pulls on my vertebrae and causes eventual pain. Looking to use a weight vest instead. I dip with close to 100 lbs hanging from a dip belt so I need a solid recommendation. Anyone use one or have a recommendation?
  14. kenpoengineer

    Chuck Norris Fans? Shirt for Kids

    A good cause for all the Chuck Norris fans in here:
  15. kenpoengineer

    New Taxes - Did Anyone Know This?!

    Is this true? Did anyone know this?
  16. kenpoengineer

    Body Hair Trimmer Recommendations

    Those that compete, or those with excess body hair, do you have a recommendation for a trimmer?
  17. kenpoengineer

    Marking Injury Forum Read

    Also marks my subscribed threads read. Admin you might want to check this. Thanks.
  18. kenpoengineer

    Injectable Amino and Vitamins

    I've been researching injectable amino and vitamin supplements since being diagnosed with several being low. Supplementing with orals is slowly bringing my levels into normal range but I'm feeling like a walking pill container. Something else to consider is the liver reduces the dose of an...
  19. kenpoengineer

    USA WTB Get Diesel DIESELADE or Ready4War

    PM me.
  20. kenpoengineer

    Preworkout Ingredients vs Prostate

    I'm researching but figured you lifters have information on preworkout ingredients that affect prostate. I'll post what I find as this thread moves forward. Anyone have information about this?