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  1. Training BOBO

    Bobo I have tried contacting you via the webpage for training inquiries for this summer but no luck so far, let me know if you have some space available, thanks.
  2. Saddam Hussein Has Been Captured

    To all who has awaited this moment, it has arrived, saddam hussein has been captured in his own town in tikrit , it must be an orgasmic day for Bush. Time to lay the smack down:saw:
  3. Iron they closed the Iron forum at animal's :(

    This is a sad day, they closed up IRON AND DOGCRAP FORUM @ ANIMALS BOARD :(:shoot:
  4. Gvt Arms Day

    Hey guys i just started my first SUPERONE+ cycle and decided to do GVT as my training combined with the gear. I already did chest and back and god legs day , it was cruel to say the least but I feel proud of doing it and finishing , i vomited and kept it up like a man !! . Anyways i need some...
  5. Chromium , no use for fat loss but how about Insulin Sensivity?

    I know from a lot of studies i've researched on my own it doesn't offer any improvement on fat loss on any individuals, but lets examine chromium from a different point of view that could help us achieve a more post workout anabolic environment : 1: Wei Sheng Yan Jiu 2001 Sep;30(5):284-6...
  6. Looking for Fresh Training Routines

    Hello all , as you all might know , im RaulJimenez, 20 years old, current weight 175lbs with 9%-10% BF , currently doing a BULKING DIET , im using a 3 day split training style now after a 4 day split a while back, im a natty so I look for amplious recovery and Im a hardgainer, all my life i've...
  7. Calcium, The Supplement.

    Review and Supplement article by abcbodybuilding. Supplement Review, Calcium by Seksi As hardcore gym warriors we are constantly bombarded with obstacles aimed at suppressing our bodies ability to grow. Many of these obstacles are easy to spot and overcome; diet, protein intake, overtraining...
  8. The Window of Opportunity

    *****Thanks to ABC BODYBUILDING FOR THE ARTICLE***** By Adam " Old School " Knowlden A Body Builders Guide to Post-Workout Nutrition The sweat, the blood, and the tears…You’ve given it your all. This time you didn’t hold back. You truly gave it everything you had and then some. You’ve...
  9. Protein Kinetics

    Here is a great article between the differences of Whey and Casein on Rate of Absorption. Using Protein Kinetics to Maximise your Training Gains Tim Lawson (SiS) Protein kinetics is the study of the relationship between the speed of absorption of dietary proteins and the effects on...
  10. Shoulder Injury

    Sorry to bother you guys with me but i had a shoulder injury before and I'm currently supplementing with glucosamine and MSM, are there any studies out there that you guys have , where it says what kind of things you can take ( supplement wise) to heal the shoulder area faster? thanks.